[INSTAGRAM/TRANS] 161105 Jennie’s ‘HeartPpyongPpyong’ + Jisoo’s Nyong~an + Rosé & Lisa’s Flashback Photos on Latest Updates

TRANS: #JISOO #BLACKPINK #PlayingWithFire #Jisoo #BLACKPINK #ChiChoo #NyongAn

Everyone Nyong~an💜 Are you all asleep?? ^.^ If not, sleep now!! Dream of good things and tomorrow will be full of only good things!^^ The weather is getting cold so please be careful of the flu!! I always love you~😘 Photo by Photographer Lali

T/N: NyongAn is reversed Annyeong or ‘Hi/Hello’.

Sweet dreams everyone🌙 Nini is going to bed now🌙
miss you guys ✨✨✨

T/N: Jennie wrote this post in a super cute way! Nini is one of Jennie’s nicknames.

TRANS: #ROSÉ #BLACKPINK #Rosé #SLEEPTIGHT #FLASHBACK 🌙 Worked so hard today 💜 Have a good night everyone 💋
Sleep tight everyone🌙 xx

TRANS: blackpinkofficial: #Lisa #blackpinklisa #blackpink #lisa #Lisa #PlayingWithFire #stay #Whistle

Today is a weekend, what are you guys doing?~ Ah ! Tomorrow we’ll finally have our first (comeback) stage~~><! You’ll watch us, right?? 🐒❤️

Translation by Jaybee at YGDreamers

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