[INSTAGRAM/TRANS] 161106 BLACKPINK Updates About Their First Live Comeback Stage & More

TRANS: #BLACKPINK #Comeback #BeulPing #PlayingWithFire #STAY #LISA #JENNIE #ROSÉ #JISOO #thankuforcoming Everyone~~ It’s BLACKPINK!! 💜💋 Thank you so~much for coming to see our first live stage today!! We love you💋💋Forever~ ☺️☺️Enjoy the rest of the day~~~ 💕 Get home safely~~ Also, for the safety of everybody, we’re sorry for not saying goodbye at the end~ㅠ😢💜

Did you all watch our first live (comeback) stage~? Please give lots of love for PLAYING WITH FIRE & STAY💕

TRANS: #BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #AUTUMNLEAVES #STAY #AutumnLeaves🍁🍂Everyone~ I went for a walk in front of our dorm with Lisa and Dalgom today.. I’m amazed at how pretty the autumn leaves are..😱 This autum leaves shot video is personally taken by Photographer Lalisa (Lisa) ㅋㅋㅋ I like it 😇💋 I hope autumn is treating you well this year 🍁🍂

TRANS: #BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #STAY #PlayingWithFire #HalfDalgom #It’sCold #PhotographerLalisa #*SyooUnnie’sPuppy One cut* while walking outside with our Dalgom!📸 🍁🍂 Have a good night 💋 just a quick snap with our puppy dalgom 💕💜 stay warm everyone

*T/N: Syoo = Jisoo | one cut = one shot/take*

Translations by Jaybee at YGDreamers


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