[YG-LIFE] 161115 BLACKPINK Makes Their First Variety Show Appearance On “Weekly Idol”… YG’s jewel box is opened

BLACKPINK is appearing in an entertainment TV show.

BLACKPINK makes their first-ever appearance in an entertainment TV show in MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show to be aired on the 16 this month.

BLACKPINK has not appeared on TV except for their performances in TV music shows so far, since their debut in August this year. In the shooting for their first appearance in an entertainment TV show in “Weekly Idol”, BLACKPINK revealed their fun and witty characters differently from the intense and powerful images they display on the stage.


At the shooting, BLACKPINK looked very nervous as it was their first appearance in an entertainment TV show and the members kept saying “I feel as if I’m watching TV” during the whole opening. However, as the shooting went on, BLACKPINK members naturally revealed their sense of humor and cheerful characters. Notably, BLACKPINK displayed their special appeals that have never been unveiled before, by imitating YG CEO YANG HYUN SUK’s voice, which is a talent that every YG artist has, as well as a cappella singing and cover dance. As such, the BLACKPINK episode of “Weekly Idol” is expected to be legendarily fun to watch.

Plus, as BLACKPINK once said they wanted to do a “double-speed dance” competition if they appear in “Weekly Idol” show, the “double-speed dance” battle was held at the shooting. Even though the dance was too fast and difficult, BLACKPINK members presented quick reaction and perfectly disciplined group dance, to prove their talent as “YG’s secret weapon”.

Source: YG-Life

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