[YG-LIFE] 161127 BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE” Becomes No1. on Inkigayo

BLACKPINK took the no.1 spot on the Inkigayo chart.

On November 27, BLACKPINK performed “PLAYING WITH FIRE” on SBS’s Inkigayo.

SHINee’s “Tell me What To Do”, BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and Taeyeon’s “11:11” were nominated for the no.1 spot.

BLACKPINK scored the highest in the survey conducted before the show and was announced as the winner. BLACKPINK members thanked the fans, the staff, and their families.


Artists put on amazing performances on November 27’s Inkigayo. Mamamoo captured the hearts of the audience by singing “Décalcomanie” in a wonderful voice. BLACKPINK showed a unique appeal in its “PLAYING WITH FIRE” stage.  

Twice, which had achieved a triple crown on Inkigayo with its “TT”, performed “JELLY JELLY”. BTOB performed “I’ll be your man”, which boasts soulful rap lines. SHINee’s “Tell me What To Do” stage touched the hearts of the audience.

Sejeong of Gugudan made her solo debut with “Flower Road”, which is produced by Block B’s Zico. As a special stage, Sunny Girls (Cheng Xiao of Cosmic Girls, Eunha of GFriend, YooA of Oh My Girl, Nayoung of Gugudan, and Nancy of MOMOLAND) performed “Taxi”.

Meanwhile, SHINee, Twice, B.A.P, Hyorin, BTOB, Mamamoo, BLACKPINK, Sejeong, UP10TION, KNK, Snuper, NC.A, SF9, Topp Dogg, BULL-DOK, SOUL LATIDO, Voisper, The East Light, Sunny Girls appeared on Inkigayo on November 27. 

Source: YG-Life

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