[INSTAGRAM/TRANS] 161215~16 blackpinkofficial Updates: “It’s been a while”

#BLACKPINK #JISOO #Nyongan #PlayingWithFire #STAY #Jisoo #ItsHardToTakeASelfieSoIDontHaveAPhoto(ToUpload) #LateUpdate #SongjoiSongjoi

Hello~ It’s Jisoo!^^ It’s been a while right?? I can’t take selfies.. hahahaha Jennie took this picture this time so that’s why it was possible for me to update! haha #HaengdaHaengda I’m late but until our last promotions, thank you so much for cheering us til the end💖 I love you💜Don’t catch the cold and make sure you have heaps of food and think of us a lot! Please wait for us~~~~~😆 NyonganNyongan!✌️️

T/N: Songjoi is reversed Joisong which means ‘Sorry’ in English
Haengda is reversed Dahaeng which means ‘Relief/Relieved’ in English
Nyongan is reversed Annyeong which means ‘Hi/Hello’ in English

#Lalice #blackpinklisa #blackpink #lisa #Lisa #PlayingWithFire #burnbabyburn

Hi everyone~~~! It’s been a while>< You wanted to see me a lot right??? hahaha I can’t take selfies either ㅠㅠㅠ I’m sorry for being late🙏🏻🙏🏻 From now on, I’ll continue to keep practicing on how to take selfies!!!ㅋㅋㅋ NyonganNyongan Love you guys!!💜💜💜💜 photo by ChiChoo👻 Helloo everyonee~ Did you wait for me long, did anyone miss me??? I really appreciate you guys for following and cheering us, BLACKPINK. We’ll try to come back soon so that everyone won’t miss us too much><! Please have sweet dreams of me guysss jupp!!😘

T/N: Nyongan is reversed Annyeong which means ‘Hi/Hello’ in English
jupp or chup is a kissing sound for Thai, may be equivalent to Korean’s ‘Chu’

#BLACKPINK #JISOO #JENNIE #PlayingWithFire #STAY #ChiChoo #JenDeuk #JenChoo #JENCHOO #NyonganNyongan

Updating today with a photo we took together!!!!!! I tried my best to take a photo to update (on Instagram)!! Please give is compliments☺️😘 As expected..Chichoo is the best!✌️️✌️️😎 hello world:) its jenjen and chichoo time! we miss you guys so much 😘 have a good night everyone ✌️️ sweet dreams 💕

T/N: Nyongan is reversed Annyeong which means ‘Hi/Hello’ in English

KOR-ENG Translation by Alice at YGDreamers (@blackpinkau)
@poopheyy | @BLACKP1NKK

THAI-ENG Translation by @Tien_Li30

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