[YG-LIFE] 161218 BLACKPINK Goes on Running Man in Jeonju

BLACKPINK went on a variety show as a guest, creating a big issue.

BLACKPINK was received with a warm applause from the cast on SBS’s Running Man that aired on December 18.


The crew announced that fairies have come as guests and raised the cast’s expectations. Then, the big gate opened, and BLACKPINK members appeared. Haha exclaimed, “They look so sophisticated” and Kwangsoo recognized the background music and said, “It’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’”. 

Even when BLACKPINK members were performing “PLAYING WITH FIRE” for them, the cast couldn’t stop feeling astonished. Haha talked about how gorgeous they look and said, “They look so chic”. Kwangsoo made everyone laugh by saying, “They’re cheeky. Their expressions are cheeky!”

When BLACKPINK finished its performance, Kim Jong-kook said, “They are gorgeous.” Yoo Jae-suk praised them and said, “They look so sophisticated and chic.” The crew explained that BLACKPINK members are to join different teams, and the cast started the game. Running Man cast members found everything about BLACKPINK members cute and adorable.

Source: YG-Life

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