[YG-LIFE] 170324 BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s No.1 Goal in Her Twenties Is Of Course BLACKPINK

U.K. license fashion and culture magazine “Dazed & Confused” has published its April issue covered by JENNIE of BLACKPINK, the super rookie girl group that swept last year’s music scene with their unique and unrivalled charisma and appeals. An interview with JENNIE is also published in the April issue of “Dazed & Confused”.

170324 dazed korea jennie 1

For the April issue of “Dazed” magazine, BLACKPINK’s JENNIE took photography and had interview alone for the first time among BLACKPINK members, to unveil her lovely and charming appeals so naturally and skillfully unlike a rookie singer.

170324 dazed korea jennie 2

Notably, JENNIE said she wanted to directly meet fans in this spring. She said with a bright smile, “Just thinking about it makes my heart pound. I have always been longing for such time to directly meet fans, from my days of training. I’ll be so happy”.

To a question about what she wants to do and accomplish in her brilliant and beautiful twenties that will never come again in her life, JENNIE expressed her affection for BLACKPINK and fans by saying, “My No.1 is of course BLACKPINK. I’ll do my best to make BLACKPINK receive love from as many people as possible. I also want to meet and greet fans in different cities in countries around the world”.

170324 dazed korea jennie 3

BLACKPINK has established their own unique style, growing into the next-generation leader of the Korean music scene within just one year of debut. The photos and interview of JENNIE in the April issue of “Dazed” are available at the off-line bookstores and on the magazine’s website.

Source: YG-Life

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