[YG-LIFE] 170504 BLACKPINK Looking Innocent But Each in a Different Way

BLACKPINK members show off their innocent looks.

On May 4, the behind-the-scenes photos of an ad shoot were posted on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page.

170504 bp ig updates 1

The pictures feature JISOO, JENNIE, LISA, and ROSÉ looking innocent each in a different way.

BLACKPINK members each showed off their innocent and pure side with sad-looking stares.

170504 bp ig updates 2

The members look so gorgeous that it’s hard to take one’s eyes off them.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK debuted in August last year, and their debut song “BOOMBAYAH” surpassed the 100 million YouTube view mark in just five months after release. Recently, their “WHISTLE” also went over the 100 million mark, making them the first group to have three music videos over the 100 million mark within just one year of debut.

Source: YG-Life