[YG-LIFE] 170515 The eldest JINUSEAN→The youngest BLACKPINK…YG’s donation that caught two birds with one stone

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_1

YG Family caught two birds with one stone, making donations and presenting concert.

On May 14, “2017 YG X UNICEF Walking Festival” was jointly hosted by YG Entertainment and UNICEF at Peace Plaza of Sang-am World Cup Stadium.

In “YG X UNICEF Walking Festival”, more than 5,000 participants walked a 4K course in the area of Sang-am World Cup Stadium and Peace Plaza and then enjoyed after-concert. In the festival, participants could enjoy the walk and make meaningful donations. The 20,000 won of entry fee for “YG X UNICEF Walking Festival” from all participants will be used for to help health promotion and malnutrition treatment for children and teenagers, through Muju YG Foundation and the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

The festival was kicked off with cheerful greetings by SEAN and other YG actors and actresses. SEAN said, “I feel so happy and fulfilled to take part in this meaningful event. This year marks the 20th anniversary of JINUSEAN’s debut. I believe this is a good way to pay back the great love we’ve got so far, until the 20th anniversary of our debut. You who are taking part in this meaningful event to help others are the champions”.

CHA SEUNG WON said, “I’m so pleased to take part in this meaningful event for the first time”; JANG HYUN SUNG, “I really like the purpose of this event whose revenue is all donated. I wish good luck for all the participants”; SON HO JUN, “I was worried because it was rainy yesterday, but fortunately, the weather is good today. I hope you all have good memories today”; KIM HEE JEONG, “I’m happy we’re joined by many people today. I hope it will be a happy and meaningful time for everyone”; KIM SAE RON, “I’m happy to participate in this event and hope everyone will have good time until the end of the after-concert safely”, to encourage the 5,000 participants.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_2 epik high dara

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_3 epik high

The after-concert held after the end of the walkathon was hosted by comedian AN YOUNG MI and MC Oh Sang-jin and YG artists including JINUSEAN, EPIK HIGH, LEE HI, AKMU, WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK performed in it.

EPIK HIGH marked the beginning of the concert by presenting the performance of “Born Hater”, “LOVE LOVE LOVE (Ft. DARA)”, and “DON’T HATE ME” with DJ-ing. TUKUTZ welcomed the audience with an original sound track of KBS2 TV’s drama series “The Descendants of the Sun” and then introduced MITHRA JIN as “the youngest member of EPIK HIGH but just a man of beard to you”. MITHRA JIN said words of greetings for the audience with an original sound track of drama series “You who Came from the Stars”. TABLO appeared on the stage with an original sound track of drama series “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and said, “All of the members of our team have kids and that is why this event is all the more meaningful for us. Today’s lineup is fantastic. The energy will run high from beginning to the end. We insisted that we do the first performance”, to further brighten up the atmosphere.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_4 lee hi

Then, LEE HI came upon the stage next to EPIK HIGH and gave powerful live performances of “SIGH”, “MY STAR”, and “1,2,3,4” which were sung along by all the audience.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_5 winner

WINNER appeared on the stage with thunderous acclamation and performed “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”. WINNER’s performances were sufficient to fill the vacancy of SONG MIN HO who was absent due to overseas shooting of tvN’s “New Journey to the West” show. KANG SEUNG YOON asked for the audience’s understanding for SONG MIN HO’s absence by saying, “You’re so cool to take part in this meaningful event. SONG MIN HO is not here because he is staying overseas for shooting. That is why we couldn’t be here as a complete team, but we’re here anyway to contribute to the purpose of this event. MIN HO, we’re sorry to perform without you”.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_6 akmu

AKMU who has been hosting national tour concert recently sang “How People Move”, “GIVE LOVE”, and “200%”. LEE CHAN HYUK said, “Even though BIGBANG is not here, it is the first joint performance of YG Family in a long time. It’s all thanks to you”. The brother and sister showed the chemistry between the two, jokingly arguing with each other.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_7 ikon

When iKON appeared on the stage, the concert hall was colored all red. iKON stood on the stage in Korea after a long time of absence and quenched fans’ thirst for iKON’s performances by singing “MY TYPE”, “SINO SIJAK”, and “RHYTHM TA”. Each member of iKON greeted the audience by saying, “Let us hear the acclamations of the Korean people! We missed this stage on which we can speak in Korea so much”. iKON went on to raise people’s anticipation for their comeback by saying, “Please look forward to our new album to be released soon. We’re preparing perfectly disciplined group dance, songs, and music videos”.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_8 blackpink

BLACKPINK performed “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “BOOMBAYAH”. BLACKPINK greeted the audience by saying, “It was a great honor for us to perform on this stage with other YG artists. We’re now working hard on our comeback. We’ll present you many good songs like last year. Please look forward to our new album”.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_9 jinusean

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_10 jinusean

The last artist to perform in the festival was JINUSEAN. Notably, JINUSEAN gave a special performance with YG Family, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut. The duo appeared on the stage with a special 20th anniversary film and then performed “TELL ME ONE MORE TIME (ft. SU HYUN)”, “A-YO”, “Hip-Hop Gentleman (ft. BOBBY, B.I, and SEUNG HOON)”, “Telephone Number”, “오빠차”, and “TELL ME (ft. LEE HI)”. SEAN took off his shirt at the beginning of “오빠차” despite cold winds, to further liven up the atmosphere.

170515 yg x unicef walking festival_11

SEAN said, “The reason why YG Family could have worked together for 20 years was all because of many staff and you, people. The beginning of YG Family was not that grand, but it is now an outstanding music label with globally popular artists”. Then, JINU said, “We’ve actually done not much” and then SEAN answered, “Hey, we’ve done a lot at the beginning”. Then, the duo rounded off the YG after-party by actively communicating with the audience, saying, “We’ve maintained this team for 20 years, so you can perform for 20 years more, too, YG Family. So, we’re going to perform with the fourth-generation YG artists today”.

Source: YG-Life

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