[YG-LIFE] 170517 BLACKPINK to Debut in Japan… First Showcase at Budokan in July

Girl group BLACKPINK has confirmed their debut in Japan and is going to take the first step for the global expansion of their career.

BLACKPINK will hold showcase “BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE” on July 20 at Budokan in Japan.

It is a rare case for a foreign rookie artist to hold a showcase at Budokan. BLACKPINK’s first showcase to be held at Budokan in Japan is known to be sponsored by Japan’s biggest fashion event “Tokyo Girls Collection”, so it is drawing all the more attention.

After the showcase in July, BLACKPINK will release official debut album in Japan, on August 9.


Even though BLACKPINK made debut less than one year ago, the team has three music videos that have surpassed 100 million views. BLACKPINK is enjoying great popularity to the point that the total number of views of videos posted on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has surpassed 600 million. In addition, BLACKPINK took No.1 on the iTunes chart of 14 foreign countries; No.1 and No.2 on American Billboard Awards digital songs charts; and No.1 and No.2 on the weekly chart of Chinese QQ Music. As such, BLACKPINK went beyond Asia to created global sensation including in Europe and the United States, to stand under big spotlight in the global music scene. Notably, BLACKPINK covered Nylon Japan magazine and is drawing keen attention from other popular fashion magazines, too.

BLACKPINK’s official social media account has garnered as many as four million followers within one year of opening and every short video clip records more than 500,000 views, which shows how much attention BLACKPINK is drawing on-line.

Music fans are now paying keen attention to how big success BLACKPINK will achieve in Japan, after creating sensation in the music scene in and out of the country within a short period of time since their debut in August last year.

Source: YG-Life

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