[YG-LIFE] 170517 BLACKPINK to Debut in Japan, Headlines on 6 Major Japanese Sports Newspapers

Japan’s major sports newspapers made headlines with the news of group BLACKPINK’s debut in the country.

Today (May 17), six sports newspapers in Japan including Tokyo Chunichi Sports, Sports Hochi, Daily Sports, Sports Nippon, Nikkan Sports, and Sankei Sports made headlines with the news of BLACKPINK’s debut in Japan.

170517 blackpink on japan newspaper headlines

Nikkan Sports drew keen attention by reporting, “BIGBANG’s younger sister BLACKPINK is giving a concert at Budokan before their official debut in Japan, which is the first ever case for a foreign girl group”. Daily sports said, “BLACKPINK, a girl group whose total number of videos on YouTube surpassed 600 million, is about to make debut in Japan”.

BLACKPINK will hold showcase “BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE” on July 20 at Budokan, Japan. Then, BLACKPINK will release an official debut album in Japan on August 9.

Music fans in Korea and Japan are paying keen attention to how big success BLACKPINK will achieve in Japan, after creating sensation in and out of Korea within a short period of time since their debut in August last year.

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