[YG-LIFE] 170521 BLACKPINK Goes on My Little Television and Becomes No.1 in the First Half

BLACKPINK becomes No.1 in the first half of My Little Television.

In the May 20th episode of MBC’s My Little Television, Kim Gura, BLACKPINK, Choi Jong Hun and Lee Hong Gi of FT Island, and Jung Jun Young did their shows.

BLACKPINK appeared on the set singing “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and received a fervent response from viewers online.

Then, JISOO said with a smile, “We finally escaped the jewel box.”

170521 blackpink mlt

BLACKPINK’s show was about fine dust under the title of “Fine Dust In Your Area”.

ROSÉ said, “These days, my throat hurts when I go outside.” JENNIE commented, “I started having skin problems recently because of fine dust” and talked about various aspects of fine dust.

Online viewers posted comments such as “This is like a news talk show on Arirang or EBS” and made everyone laugh.

BLACKPINK members talked about face masks that people can wear to prevent the harmful effects of fine dust. They introduced various ways to overcome fine dust and made shampoo with natural ingredients and washed the hair of a staff member.

The winner of the first half went to BLACKPINK.

Source: YG-Life

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