[YG-LIFE] 170528 BLACKPINK Shows off their Charms and Becomes No.1 on My Little Television

BLACKPINK became No.1 on My Little Television.

The latter half of MBC’s My Little Television was aired on May 27.

FT Island ranked fourth, Jung Jun Young third, Kim Gura second, and BLACKPINK first in the first half of the show. Kim Gura said, “I can’t believe I became second place. Is this for real?” and made everyone laugh.

170528 blackpink mlt

Then, the second half began. Jung Jun Young did a show on cocktails and invited his best friend Eddie Kim to join him. Eddie Kim was excited about the fact that he might be able to see BLACKPINK, but when he found out that BLACKPINK members were in a different studio, he was very disappointed.

FT Island chose to do a show on cats, but they had trouble as the cats on their show were very shy. Lee Hong Ki and Choi Jong Hun said, “It’s not easy doing a cat show.” In the end, Choi Jong Hun’s mom, who is good at dealing with cats, came on the show to help them.


BLACKPINK, who got the most viewers in the first half of the show, performed “PLAYING WITH FIRE” wearing self-made masks to prevent fine dust. In the latter half, BLACKPINK made dishes that help get rid of fine dust inside people’s bodies. LISA took the lead in making mackerel cilantro kimbap. The kimbap is made of seaweed and mackerel, which are known to help get rid of fine dust inside people’s bodies.

BLACKPINK was full of positive energy. Even though the studio was full of fine dust, they were happy. When the producer and the cameraman didn’t really like the kimbap they made, BLACKPINK members said “It will help to get rid of the fine dust in your bodies” and tried to look at the positive side.

BLACKPINK then demonstrated a head bath and massage that helps the body to emit fine dust. LISA was especially good. LISA give a massage to the so-called Mormot producer and JENNIE, and they both loved it.

All the live shows ended, and the final ranking was announced. BLACKPINK took the first spot just like in the first half. BLACKPINK members expressed how happy they were and said, “We can’t believe that we won first place in a variety show.”

Source: YG-Life

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