[YG-LIFE] 170528 From WINNER to BLACKPINK and iKON, YG Musicians are Dominating Variety Shows

YG’s jewel box has opened. YG musicians have made a comeback one after another and are making appearances on variety shows. On stage, they put on charismatic performances, and on variety shows, they are showing off their witty charm.

170528 winner blackpink ikon variety shows

YG musicians have changed. In the past, it was not easy to see them on variety shows even after their comeback as they were busy preparing for their stage performances. Now, they are making an effort to communicate more with the general public. From WINNER to SECHSKIES, PSY, and iKON, YG musicians are making frequent appearances on variety shows. Even BLACKPINK, who is currently on a break, went on a variety show and proved their talent for making people laugh. Nothing can make YG fans happier than seeing their favorite musicians on TV as often as these days.

170520 withmbc 2 blackpinkin MLT area my little tv

BLACKPINK also showed a different side when they came on MBC’s My Little Television. The first half of BLACKPINK’s show on MLT was aired on May 20 and the second half was aired on May 27. The group had the biggest number of viewers.

170520 withmbc 1 blackpinkin MLT area my little tv

The show was meaningful as it was a chance to see BLACKPINK off stage. Contrary to people’s expectations, they had a talent for making people laugh. They are charismatic on stage, but on variety shows, viewers were able to see a different side, and this made the show even more interesting. Expectations are running high for BLACKPINK, and fans are anticipating seeing more of the laid-back and funny BLACKPINK on variety shows.

*omitted parts not related to BLACKPINK*

Source: YG-Life

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