[YG-LIFE] 170613 “Monstrous Rookie in Greek Temple”, BLACKPINK Confirmed to Comeback on the 22nd

Girl group BLACKPINK is coming back on the 22nd this month.

On June 13 at 10AM, YG Entertainment unveiled an image of a Greek temple colored pink, on the company’s official blog. The four pillars that support the temple is reminding of the four members of BLACKPINK, in a dream-like atmosphere. The teaser poster suggests that BLACKPINK will come back on the 22nd this month.

Since the news about BLACKPINK’s new music video shooting was released early this month, music fans’ anticipation for BLACKPINK’s comeback in this June has been rising.

BLACKPINK had drawn keen attention from before their debut in August last year, as they were proclaimed to be a talented and pretty girl group by YG. After their debut, BLACKPINK stood under a big spotlight in and out of the country by presenting sophisticated music and look, as well as better-than-expected talent.

BLACKPINK’s debut song “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” swept No.1 on music charts upon their release. BLACKPINK also took No.1 in public TV’s music show within 14 days of their debut, the shortest-ever period of time for a Korean girl group.


BLACKPINK enjoyed even greater popularity overseas. BLACKPINK took No.1 on American Billboard’s world digital songs chart and No.1 on the iTunes charts of 14 countries. Both of BLACKPINK’s two debut songs surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, to write an unprecedented history for a rookie artist.

“PLAYING WITH FIRE” released in November last year also recorded a big hit. BLACKPINK’s second single album “PLAYING WITH FIRE” took No.1 on Billboard’s world digital songs chart and American albums (dance) genre chart and then surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

It is a very rare case for a rookie artist who debuted less than a year ago to have three music videos that surpassed 100 million views, even in the whole world. That is why the remarkable success of BLACKPINK’s debut is all the more impressive.

As YG has recently presented many of its artists on TV shows after adopting a new type of promotion differently from the conventional style of promotion of the company so far, fans and Internet users say that YG has opened its jewel box or the seal has been removed. In the meantime, YG’s youngest artist BLACKPINK also took one step closer to fans and the public by appearing in “My Little Television” show.

It will be worthwhile to look forward to the new music and style that rookie BLACKPINK will present for their comeback on the 22nd this month.

Source: YG-Life

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