[YG-LIFE] 170623 “Fastest KPOP Group to Reach 10 Million Views on YouTube” , BLACKPINK is Setting Unprecedented New Records

Girl group BLACKPINK is setting new record after new record, showing the formidable potential of a “monstrous rookie” and “new record producer”.

BLACKPINK’s new single “As If It’s Your Last” released on June 22 is staying in No.1 on iTunes global singles charts of 19 countries, to draw keen attention. BLACKPINK broke their own record of taking No.1 on the iTunes charts of 14 countries with “WHISTLE”. In the meantime, “As If It’s Your Last” is staying in No.2 on the iTunes chart of Japan.

The music video of “As If It’s Your Last” is seeing a rapid increase in the number of views as well. It recorded 8.77 million views within 13 hours of the release on June 22. The number has now surpassed nine million and soon to reach 10 million. If the current pace of increase is maintained, the video will surpass 10 million views within the shortest-ever period of time for a K-pop group.


BLACKPINK is the first-ever Korean artist to set such record after PSY and has set a new record of daily views on YouTube for a Korean idol group.

More than anything, the quality of the new song itself fully fulfills fans’ expectations. “As If It’s Your Last” catches the ears of listeners with a well-balanced combination of Moombahton, reggae, and house. Its lyrics talk about sweet love with the fastest and most exciting beat among all BLACKPINK songs released so far.

BLACKPINK is setting remarkable records on the charts in Korea. “As If It’s Your Last” is in No.1 on the charts of six music-streaming websites including Genie, Bugs, NAVER Music, Olleh Music, Monkey 3, and Soribada, as well as in No.2 on the chart of Mnet and Melon, as of June 23 at 7AM.

As such, BLACKPINK is fully revealing their potential as a “monstrous rookie”, setting new record after new record after coming out of YG’s jewel box. Seeing the astonishing records set by BLACKPINK so far, music fans are paying keen attention to new records to be set by the team from now on.

Source: YG-Life

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