[YG-LIFE] 170704 BLACKPINK’s Second Attack on “Weekly Idol”, A Song Dedicated to Yang Hyun Suk To Be Unveiled

In MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show to be aired on July 5, BLACKPINK’s song dedicated to their boss YANG HYUN SUK will be unveiled.

BLACKPINK makes the second appearance in “Weekly Idol” show with their new song “As If It’s Your Last”. BLACKPINK made a successful debut in entertainment TV show by appearing in “Weekly Idol” show eight months ago. According to insiders, BLACKPINK will reveal their appeals in the show once again by boasting their full-blown sense of humor and wit.

170704 blackpink weekly idol preview

In their first appearance in “Weekly Idol” show eight months ago, BLACKPINK drew keen attention by singing “Welcome, boss” song. BLACKPINK is drawing great attention again, as it is known that the team will sing the second song dedicated to YANG HYUN SUK in “Weekly Idol” show to be aired on the 5. In the shooting for “Weekly Idol”, JISOO, the eldest member of BLACKPINK who wrote the song dedicated to YANG, presented the song with cute dance. But the melody sounded rather familiar, so the people at the shooting doubted whether the song copied the first version of the YANG HYUN SUK song, to make everyone burst into laughter.

JISOO also wrote a song dedicated to the show’s MCs Jung Hyung-don and Defconn impromptu at the shooting and the witty lyrics made up in short time made everyone burst into laughter once again.

BLACKPINK’s “YANG HYUN SUK song 2” will be unveiled in MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show to be aired on July 5 at 6PM.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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