[YG-LIFE] 170706 “Pretty girl next to pretty girl next to pretty girl”, BLACKPINK’s Chemistry Captured in Close-Up Shots

The four members of BLACKPINK boasted a perfect chemistry in close-up shots.

BLACKPINK presented their chic appeals that cause girl crush, in jewellery photography for star style magazine “HIGH CUT” published on July 6.

The photography focuses on displaying the natural faces of BLACKPINK members without the thick makeup for intense charisma on the stage. BLACKPINK members look perfectly trendy in jewellery including choker necklaces, ear cuffs, unbalance earrings, crystal rings, etc.

170706 blackpink high cut

In an interview that followed the photo-shooting, BLACKPINK talked about their third single album “As If It’s Your Last”. JISOO said, “We changed our concept for the new song. We had the concept of charisma and girl crush before, but we are presenting more girly appeals this time. We’re so excited about our first-ever autographing event as well”.

JENNIE said, “I’m so shy, so I couldn’t even say hi at the audition. One day, I was shy on the stage and our fans accepted even that and shouted ‘It’s okay, don’t be afraid’ for me. At that time I thought to myself, ‘I have these nice fans so why do I have to hide myself?”

ROSÉ said, “I originally wanted to be a YouTuber. I also learned guitar to post singing videos on YouTube. I listened to a lot of Korean songs when I was in Australia and I never imagined I would ever become a musician in Korea.”

LISA who is from Thailand said, “BLACKPINK will make an official debut in Japan by the end of this July. We want to debut in other countries as well including Thailand, Australia, New Zealand where the members had stayed before.”

The photos and interview of BLACKPINK are released in the 201st issue of “HIGH CUT” magazine.

Source: XSports News via YG-Life

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