[YG-LIFE] 170708 Video Featuring BLACKPINK Giving a Present for their Fans and Jisoo Saying “Enjoy!” Revealed

YG Entertainment revealed scenes at BLACKPINK’s ice cream present event on its official blog.

On July 1, BLACKPINK had an ice cream truck at its “As If It’s Your Last” pop-up store in Hong-dae to give ice cream to its fans as a present.

170708 blackpink fan event

In the video that was revealed, fans filled the streets even before the event began, demonstrating BLACKPINK’s huge popularity. Not only Korean fans but also fans from other countries participated in the event, which shows that BLACKPINK has become a global group.

Before handing out the ice cream, JISOO said, “We want to give ice cream to as many people as possible. We hope you enjoy the ice cream.”

They gave ice cream in cups that has BLACKPINK’s logo to the fans. They had a good time and sometimes even high fived with their fans.

It suddenly started to rain that day but fans did not leave.

JISOO expressed her thanks and said, “We want to give you ice cream to make you cooler, but sorry about the rain.”

LISA said, “I’m so very happy to see BLINK today” and the fans responded by saying, “Me too”.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will be performing “As If It’s Your Last” on MBC’s Show Music Core on July 8 and on SBS’s Inkigayo on July 9.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

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