[YG-LIFE] 170713 BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” MV Surpassed 60 Million Views Within 20 Days of Release

BLACKPINK has set another new record, boasting their surprisingly formidable influence in the music scene.

170713 blackpinkaiiyl mv 60m

As of July 12 at 7:31PM, the music video of BLACKPINK’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” posted on YouTube surpassed 60 million views within 20 days of release, which is the shortest-ever period of time for both boy and girl K-Pop groups. Currently, the number has surpassed 61 million.

The number is all the more surprising, as BLACKPINK fascinated global fans only with their trendy music and style, without any specific overseas promotion.

Seeing such rapid increase in the number of views for BLACKPINK’s new music video, fans are saying “Is BLACKPINK really a rookie? They are great”, “Look forward to BLACKPINK’s future”, “So proud of BLACKPINK”, etc.


The music video of “As If It’s Your Last” surpassed 10 million views within 17 hours of release; 20 million views within 47 hours; 30 million views within 107 hours; 40 million views within nine days and 12 hours (228 hours); 50 million views within 14 days and 18 hours (354 hours); and then now 60 million views within 20 days, setting the record of the biggest number of views within the shortest-ever period of time.

Three of BLACKPINK’s music videos including that of “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE” have already surpassed 100 million views. As the number of views for the video of BLACKPINK’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” is increasing at the fastest pace among them, it is expected to reach 100 million views soon, too.

BLACKPINK will host Japan debut showcase on July 20 at Budokan in Tokyo and then release an official debut album in the country on August 9.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

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