[YG-LIFE] 170718 BLACKPINK, “Anniversary of Debut, Still Feeling Shy & Difficult Outside the Stage”

Group BLACKPINK covered the August issue of fashion media magazine “Elle”. BLACKPINK is the first K-pop group who has ever covered “Elle” Korea.

170718 ellekorea blackpink august 2017 issue

BLACKPINK has recently been creating sensation with their new single “As If It’s Your Last”. The song recorded the biggest number of views on YouTube for the shortest-ever period of time for a K-pop group and achieved triple crown in a TV music show.

In the cover photography, BLACKPINK members are wearing diverse chic outfits including leather skirt, power-shoulder top, thigh-high boots, etc. Notably, they are presenting modern and intense visual with confident poses and eye expressions, which goes beyond expectations.

In an interview following the photo-shooting, BLACKPINK talked about how they feel about the first anniversary of their debut. BLACKPINK said, “We feel confident on the stage, but still shy and difficult with expressing ourselves outside the stage”. The girls also unveiled their ambition by saying, “We still have a lot to show. We want to complete our own color by continuously making diverse trials”.

BLACKPINK’s photos and interview are available in the August issue of “Elle” magazine. 

Source: XSports News via YG-Life

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