[YG-LIFE] 170718 BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” Soon to Surpass 70 Million Views Within the Shortest-Ever Period of Time

BLACKPINK is setting a series of “the first, shortest, and best” records at a formidable pace. The number of views for the music video of BLACKPINK’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” is soon to surpass 70 million, within 25 days of its release.

As of July 18 at 11AM, the music video of BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” recorded 69,806,379 views on YouTube alone. After surpassing 60 million views within 20 days of release, the shortest-ever period of time for both boy and girl groups, on the 12 this month, BLACKPINK is now setting a new record.


If such trend continues, the number of views is expected to surpass 70 million within today. If the 70 million views mark is reached before 6PM today, the video will have achieved the mark within only 25 days of release. That will be twice faster than TWICE’s “TT” that surpassed 70 million views within 40 days and six hours of release.

“As If It’s Your Last” created sensation every day upon its release. The music video reached 10 million views within 17 hours of release; 20 million within 47 hours; 30 million within 107 hours; 40 million within nine days and 12 hours (228 hours); 50 million within 14 days and 18 hours (354 hours). It has finally surpassed 60 million views within 20 days, to set records of the biggest number of views within shortest-ever period of time for a K-pop group.

170718 blackpink aiiyl mv soon 70m views

In addition, BLACKPINK also renewed the biggest number of views record (12.5 million) within 24 hours which had been set by One Direction, to 22 hours.

BLACKPINK’s popularity overseas reached the peak. After sweeping domestic music charts, BLACKPINK boasted formidable influence by topping the new songs chart of QQ Music, China’s biggest music-streaming website. Such record is all the more remarkable, as QQ Music is used by as many as 400 million people every month.

BLACKPINK has also written records unbelievable for a rookie group who has debuted less than one year ago, taking No.1 on the iTunes charts of 18 countries with a single which was the first-ever case for a K-pop girl group. BLACKPINK was also selected as “Best of the Week” by Apple Music of the United Sates. As such, BLACKPINK is writing the records of the “first, shortest, and best”, both in and out of the country.


Such records prove BLACKPINK’s potential and status in the global music scene. Notably, BLACKPINK has yet to carry out any overseas promotion. Their success in the global music scene is achieved with BLACKPINK’s unique appeals, music, and style alone.

Three music videos of BLACKPINK’s songs including “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE” have surpassed 100 million views so far. Now, the video of “As If It’s Your Last” is expected to surpass 100 million views soon as well. Music fans are now paying keen attention to what kind of new record will be set by BLACKPINK, who is likely to get a nickname of “new record setter”.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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