[SHOW] Jisoo on MBC King of Masked Singer

Jisoo appeared on the show as a celebrity judge.

{170723} Episode 121


Also available on NaverTV

Before the show started comedianne/gag woman Shin Bong Sun shared a photo with Jisoo from the filming of the show

TRANS: #MaskedSinger #BLACKPINK #Jisoo #ILikeJisooALot^^ #EasyGoing #OverflowingCharm

Translation by @poopheyy

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung also uploaded a collage of photos of the celebrity judges including Jisoo from the set of ‘King of the Masked Singer’

Jisoo appeared a lot showing different reactions and expression. However, she has only commented on 1 pair which is ‘Fruit Bingsu (Shaved Ice Dessert)’ vs ‘Parasol/Beach Umbrella’

-full cut to be uploaded soon-

For spoilers and live streaming updates during the airing of the show, you check the thread linked below!

Torrent (360p)

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Torrent (720p)

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{170730} Episode 122


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