[YG-LIFE] 170723 BLACKPINK to Shoot “JYP’s Party People” on 31st, Another YG Meets JYP


Multiple sources confirmed on July 23 that BLACKPINK will appear on SBS’s music talk show “JYP’s Party People” as a guest and the shooting will take place on July 31.


BLACKPINK debuted in August last year, and it is YG’s first girl group in nine years. The group showed it has potential to grow into a global star by drawing 14,000 fans to its showcase held in Budokan, Japan on July 20.

BLACKPINK has grown into YG’s most representative girl group. BLACKPINK’s appearance in “Party People” is meaningful in that it is a meeting between YG’s star girl group and the mastermind behind top girl groups Wonder Girls and Miss A. People are wondering what BLACKPINK and hit producer JYP will talk about on the show.  

YANG HYUN SUK and JYP are known to be good friends. BLACKPINK is the first YG artist to go on JYP’s show and more YG artists will probably follow in BLACKPINK’s footsteps.


BLACKPINK has established its presence in the music scene after releasing “As If It’s Your Last” last month. The music video of the song hit 70 million YouTube views, and from the 10 million to the 70 million marks, the group is now the record holder of reaching the marks in the shortest time. “As If It’s Your Last” also became No.1 on the iTunes chart of 18 countries, making BLACKPINK the first K-pop girl group to do so. The song also took the No.1 spot on US Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart for two weeks in a row and was chosen as Apple Music’s Best of the Week song. Such global popularity is remarkable considering that BLACKPINK debuted less than a year ago. 

“Party People” is the first show that JYP will be emceeing alone in 25 years. Since his debut, JYP has produced numerous hit songs and is now the head of JYP Entertainment. “Party People” has a trendy and unique concept and will be very different from the existing sentimental music shows.  

Source: Ilgan Sports via YG-Life

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