[MAGAZINE] 170801 BLACKPINK for Japan’s mini Magazine September 2017 Issue {Interview ENG TRANS}

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170731 mini_twjp blackpink on mini japan cover

Question (Q): About a year after your debut in Korea, you’re now debuting in Japan!! Please let us hear your thoughts right now.

Jisoo (JS): We’re very much looking forward to it!

Jennie (JN): We heard that our Japanese fans have been waiting earnestly, so we want to prepare to be able to show a good performance soon.

Rosé (RS): It’s our first overseas debut after our Korean debut, so we want to show more developed versions of ourselves. We’ve also prepared Japanese versions of our songs, so it would be great if everything went well.

Q: No one has debuted, much less held a showcase in the Budokan – you’re the first. What were your thoughts on hearing that?

JS: We thought, “Are they talking about us?” It was unbelievable.

RS: We were rea~lly surprised.

Lisa (LS): It was beyond imagination.

JN: We’ve done it in music festivals or with other artists before, but we’re very thankful to have the opportunity to perform in such a big venue as BLACKPINK alone.

Q: Do you get nervous and such on stage?

JS: We do… but it’s okay. We practice a lot anyway! (smug look! (`・ω・´))

Q: So cool~! How’s it like singing in Japanese?

JN: It was difficult.

JS: It’s difficult~ The pronunciation was difficult, but it felt fresh and new, so we enjoyed recording!

LS: I come from Thailand, so coming to Korea and learning Korean, and then learning Japanese on top of that was extremely difficult. But I approached it with the spirit of taking on a new challenge!

RS: In singing, I think the most important thing is to be able to leave and convey one’s own emotions and feelings into the song. I’m worried about whether the Japanese listeners will like it and be able to feel this expressed properly in the song when I sing in Japanese. So it would be great if people paid attention to whether we were able to do so.

JS: “Tsu” and “Zu” are difficult to pronounce. While observing the person recording ahead of us, we’d think, “Oh that’s difficult,” and everyone would practice.

Q: Who’s the best at Japanese?

JS: Jennie-chan and Rosé-chan!

JN: Not at all~~~ I’m not at that level yet~~~

JS: The two of them are good at English, and at Japanese too~

Jisoo-chan is good at it too!

JS: Jennie and Rosé both have brains that specialize in languages….!

RS: But I would like to be able to go to Japan soon and practice more! I want to study!


Q: After the showcase is your debut. a-nation is also one of your many increasing schedules. Do you have anything you want to do or look forward to?

JS: Work? (laughs)

JN&RS&LS: Work right? (laughs)

Q: Both in your work life and private life~ (laughs)

RS: We want to meet our fans soon! It will be our very first time meeting fans living overseas, so we’re looking forward to it.

JS: Of course, we’ve prepared a lot because we want to show cool sides of ourselves to everyone, so I’m looking forward to revealing that.

Q: Are there places you want to go to?

BP: Universal Studios!!

RS: Fuji-Q! (Amusement park)

LS: Disneyland too!

JN: That would be great- We’ve been to Disneyland, but we haven’t been to Universal so I want to go there.

LS: Harry Potter!

JS: And of course we’re looking forward to eating many different kinds of food!

BP: Yes yes yes!!

LS: I want to eat delicious ramen!

JS: I also want to eat crepe!

JN: Uni soba? I heard that there’s some really delicious ones, so I want to try it out!

JS: We also like sweet things, so we want to eat desserts!

RS: Also, fried things in Japan are delicious, so I want to eat food like tempura and such. Eating in Japan is completely different!

JN: French fries too!

Q: Are there no potatoes in Korea?

JN: But I’ve eaten some in Japan and (gestures) it was rea~~~~~lly delicious!

JS: But of course, the best thing in Japan is ramen!

Q: Everyone likes Ichiran (popular ramen chain) right?

JN: We love it!

LS: I also want to go to a vintage shop! I want to go shopping!!

Q: I also think that BLACKPINK’s MV is amazing. You don’t get acting lessons right?

BP: No, we don’t~

JS: We didn’t prepare anything dramatic for the MV this time so we didn’t really act. When we were trainees, we practiced our gestures, expressions, and poses extremely hard for our monthly evaluations, so I think it served us well.


Q: The scene Rosé had with a guy, and where the other members all went ‘Kya-!’ was so cute (laughs).

BP: Ahhh~~~~~!

JS & JN: (While looking at Rosé) How was it?! (laughs)

RS: I had such a hard time~ I was so embarrassed~

JS: We’re always only with the members, and we’re really never with guys. In that scene where Rosé films with a guy, being with a guy, there was somehow something weird about that (laughs)

RS: I was teased (laughs).

Q: Won’t other members also have scenes like this in the future~?!

JN: I don’t think so~ (laughs)

JS: With only the members appearing, we want to show much more of ourselves (laughs)

Q: What are scenes that each of you like?

LS: The scene in STAY with the fireworks.

JN: Um~ There’s a scene in WHISTLE where I ride a real horse for a bit, I like that one.

JS: There’s a scene in STAY where I sit on a really high swing. Before sitting on it I was extremely scared, but after trying it out I felt really good.

RS: I had a scene in WHISTLE where I filmed with wire and CG. That was really interesting!


Q: You mentioned that you want to go to Fuji-Q. Everyone seems to like high places like rollercoasters~

BP: We do!

RS: But it’s a bit scary….

Q: How much time does it take for you to practice and complete the choreography for one dance?

JS: About a month?

JN: It depends. There was a time when because of our schedules, the choreography came out 4 days before filming, and we had to practice extremely hard for 4 days!

RS: It was really hard~!


Q: Who memorizes the fastest?

JN: Lisa! Dancer!!

JS: She memorizes quickly, and her long-term memory is also good, so she remembers the choreo for a long time.

Q: Oh! Lisa, how does it feel to be praised?

JS & JN & RS: How does it feel?? How does it feel??

LS: ….. I appreciate it! (bright)

JS: But only for dance~ (laughs)

BP: (laughs)

LS: The first choreo I learned as a trainee 6 years ago, I can still remember it!

JS: But, only the dance~ (laughs)!!!

Q: (laughs). YG has many artists that are overflowing with talent. Among all the advice you’ve received till now, which has left the most lasting impression?

JS: More than advice, (what’s left the most lasting impression is when) Yang-CEO and TEDDY (producer) always supports us.

JN: Yes yes, they always tell us “Fighting!”

Q: Do you interact with your seniors?

RS: Not much. When there are concerts, we’ve gone to congratulate them, but everyone is so busy, so there’s hardly any opportunity to meet.

Q: The four of you were close throughout your training period and then debuted right? Has the relationship among the 4 of you changed between pre-debut and now?

JN: I don’t think anything has changed. We’re like close friends. It’s probably because we live together.

Q: Are there duties within the group? Assigning of roles, taking charge, and such.

JS: Assigning of roles, taking charge, we don’t do those (laughs).

BP: (laughs).

JS: Each person accomplishes things according to her own role or position, and we have trust in that.

JN: Knowing about each other, and having trust in each other, I think that’s how we’ll be able to get along well for a long time.

RS: What’s certain is that Lisa plays the role of the male (laughs).

JS: She’s a monster who likes pranks! She’s also strong I can’t win against her (laughs).

LS: I always carry my unnies (laughs).


Q: BLACKPINK doesn’t have a leader right?

JS: Each person excels at different things, so depending on the case, the person who is best at it assumes the role of the leader. Overall organization is done by Jennie.

Q: You’re a dependable person!

JN: Well, I guess that’s true!

JS: I’ll agree with only that!

BP: (laughs)!!

Q: BLACKPINK is also a fashion icon. What kind of style do you like?

RS: I like a style that’s simple and that shows well.

JS: I’m a bit short among the members, so I wear heels and try my best to survive (laughs).

BP: (laughs)

JN: As for me, I like everything. I’m into cute styles, simple styles, and change from time to time.

LS: I like HIPHOP styles. I wear slightly oversized clothers. Also, my hair gets messed up often so I often wear a hat (laughs).

JS: (laughs) That’s not fashion!

Q: Then, what kind of hair and makeup are you into?

RS: I think sparkly eyeshadow is cute, so if I see someone on the street with cute makeup, I want to try asking them what they’re using!

JS: I usually don’t wear makeup and just put on lipstick. I’m not good at makeup.

Q: Your bare face is cute so it’s all right

JN: Your bare face is cute~

JN: I’ve always been interested in make-up, and recently I’ve been picky about skincare!

Q: For example?

JN: I continually use toner! To hydrate the skin!

RS: For me, I’m recently into the natural look. But for the lips alone I like using dark colors.

Q: mini is a ‘Street Magazine’ for girls. The three main items are T-shirts, denim, and sneakers. How much of these do you own?

JS: (While looking at mini) Cute~! What is this~!!

JN: Of course we have a lot!

RS: I own a lot of things like demin jackets that I styled myself. I watch YouTube to research how to do it.

JS & JN: (While looking at someone who appeared on mini) This person looks like Rosé!

RS: Cute~!!

Q: By the way, who own the most sneakers?

BP: Everyone rea~~~lly owns a lot.

JS: Everyone has so much to the point that the shoe closet is overflowing.

Q: Jisoo is an MC for a music show, and before your debut, you also appeared in MVs and CMs, and I’m looking forward to many more forms of activities in the future. Are there any new challenges you want to try?

JS: It seems tough, but I’ve also thought that it might be interesting to do things solo!….. But as expected it’s difficult so I gave up (laughs). It’s much better doing things with everyone! It would be fun to appear in a gourmet TV show~

Q: Talking about food!

JS: Delicious~

Q: As for Rose, your singing voice is amazing, and you’re even good at guitar. When did you first have thoughts of becoming a singer?

RS: I already really liked music as a kid, but when I really strongly wanted to become a singer was when I came to Korea and became a trainee.

Q: Do you think that… ‘I might be great at singing’? (laughs)

RS: Not at all. I don’t think I’m anything great. Instead, after getting into YG, I felt the pressure to debut as a YG singer and felt that I had to work all the harder. Even now I still keep practicing.

Q: You’re working really hard… (tears). When I listen to Rosie’s voice, I somehow feel teary.

RS: (In an angelic voice) Ohhhhh~~~ I’ll do my best (confident)

Q: Jennie has been known from even before your debut, so there must have been many fans too who were impatiently waiting for your debut. What kind of singer are you aiming to be now?

JN: This is a goal, but I can speak English, and I’m also studying Japanese, so I want to be a singer who everyone will like no matter what language I sing in.

Q: Lisa, you’re YG’s first foreign artist. Did you have anything like a culture shock when you first came to Korea?

LS: There was no culture shock. Actually, Thailand’s and Korea’s cultures are similar. I had a difficult time in terms of the language, but the members being with me the whole time has been a big help.

Q: Do you remember the first time you met?

BP: Yes (laughs).

JS: I can remember it clearly even now. Lisa only had a small clump of hair on top of her head (laughs). It looked like weeds (laughs).

JN: Her hair was also short. There were one, two or three stands (laughs).

RS: It’s seeing much better days now!

BP: (bursts into laughter)


Q: Is there anything trendy among the members now?

JS: Recently Rosé and Lisa are always watching dramas together.

JN: Pictures!

LS: Everyone always walks around with her camera!

Q: You always upload on your Instagram right? I always look at it!

BP: Wow~ thank you!

Q: Now, could you tell mini a secret that you’ve never mentioned in an interview before?

JS: What should it be?

RS & LS: A secret~? (Everyone looks at each other)

JS: Ah, some years ago, we stayed in Japan for 2 weeks to practice dance, and we received some pocket money from the company.

JN: Yes yes! At that time, we thought of buying many cute things as souvenirs and gifts and use the pocket money on many things, but we went to the convenience store every night, so we ended up using all our money!

RS: Everyone would go out in our pajamas (laughs)

BP: (explodes into laughter)

JS: So in the middle of the trip, we ran out of the pocket money. Exactly when we were wondering about what to do, we were having a meal with Yang-CEO and he gave us money to buy anything we needed. And we spent all of that in the convenience store as well (laughs).

JN: Food in Japanese convenience stores, anything there is really delicious! For example, for cream-filled bread, there’s a lot of cream inside!

Q: Exactly! What are BLACKPINK’s goals for this year?

JN: For BLACKPINK to be widely known!

RS: We want to become a BLACKPINK that stays in everyone’s hearts!

Q: Lastly, a message for Japanese BLINKs!

JS: BLACKPINK is going to Japan soon, so please wait a bit more~

JN: Please look forward to us!

RS & LS: We want to meet you~


Q: I think there will be many people who will be meeting BLACKPINK for the first time through mini!

JN: We’ll continue working hard to show all the sides of BLACKPINK, so we’d be very happy if you would show interest in us!

  • Hobby?

LS: Makeup.

JN: Playing with and walking my puppies. I have 2!

JS: Reading and games. Recently manga (laughs).

RS: Riding my bicycle.

  • Song you listen to often recently?

BP: Our new song “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”!

JN: It’s the brightest and cutest among the songs we’ve had so far. It’s easy to sing, and the choreography is easy to copy too, and it’s a very summery song so please listen to it a lot.

  • Your most expensive recent purchase?

LS: Camera.

RS: Bicycle.

JN: Boots.

JS: Expensive item… I don’t have money~ (laughs). My dad bought me a carry-on luggage! It’s because I don’t have any money right now~…. Ah! That was a secret!

~ Jisoo-chan is really so lovable isn’t she~

JN: Hey~! Stop joking already~ (laughs)

  • Japanese food that you like?

LS: Sushi~~~!

RS: Ah~~~~ sushi! Sashimi~~~!

JS: Crepe!

JN: The melon soda I drank in Japan was so delicious!

JS: I…. love Tokyo Banana Our Japanese staffs, they buy some for me each time they come to Korea. I also love hiyoko manjuu (pastry shaped like a chick)

  • Favorite color?

LS: I originally liked yellow but now I’m into pink.

JS: I originally liked purple but now I like blue.

JN: Black.

RS: I like a deep blue color like the sea.

  • What kind of scent do you use?

LS: A sweet candy-like scent.

JN: I don’t like using perfume too much so I don’t use it.

JS: Me too!

RS: I like fresh scents.

  • How does the interior of your room feel?

LS: The furniture is wooden and there’s a lot of room lighting.

JN: It’s entirely white, it’s on the clean side.

~ Q: Do you like cleaning up?

JN: I love it, it’s a hobby….!

JS: It looks like a guy’s room, it’s minimalist, with only necessities. But there were a lot of manga piled up before (laughs)

~ Q: What manga do you like?

JS: “One piece” and such!

RS: For me, it’s a room one can relax in. The color is whitish, and there’s polka dot lighting.

JN: I have puppies in my room so there are many things for the puppies.

  • Care package you’d be happy to receive?

RS: Tokyo Banana

JN: Potato snacks from Hokkaido!

~ Something like Jaga Pokkuru?! (snack)

JS: Hiyoko manjuu (chick shaped bread)

LS: Chocolate! Anything chocolate! And Matcha Kitkat!

  • Favorite characters?

LS: Rilakkuma

JN: Kapi barra! I’m into that recently….

JS: Cardcaptor Sakura’s Kero-chan! Kawaii~~~

RS: Carebear.

  • Spots in Korea that you’d recommend?

BP: Hongdae!

JN: It’s close to the company. There’s a lot of yummy restaurants in the area!

~ Q: What Korean food do you like?

LS: Meat~!

JS: Spicy food!

Translations by black2dpink824
Source: @lotsales2
Scans by @327_PERCENT

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