[YG-LIFE] 170806 BLACKPINK Shows off their Innocent and Funny Side on Knowing Bros

BLACKPINK shows off their funny and quirky side on Knowing Bros.

BLACKPINK appeared as the guest on JTBC’s Knowing Bros on August 5.

BLACKPINK members said that they’ve always been a fan of the show, and they made the cast laugh with their strange and unusual tricks. JISOO claimed that she could put a water bottle on her shoulder with her shoulder. But, Min Kyung Hoon did it better than her, leaving her feeling embarrassed.

JENNIE’s trick was that she could eat snacks without making noises. But, people could hear the crunching sound twice, which made everyone laugh. ROSÉ spoke with her mouth shut and made her voice sound as if she was in a box. Also, she moved her arm 360 degrees.

LISA told the cast that her biggest asset is her long legs, and she did a taxi dance and a star dance. The cast cheered to her strange dances. Lee Sugeun commented, “BLACKPINK members are so innocent and pure.”

170806 blackpink on knowing brothers

Then it was time for the “Guess Me” segment. JENNIE and JISOO told the story about how they became close friends in just three days. When they were trainees, they ended up in a public bath together totally naked, and they got really close after that.

JENNIE said that her favorite among the Knowing Bros cast is Lee Sugeun. She said, “I don’t care about looks. I think he has a great personality.” When the cast asked him if she thought Kim Hee Chul was good looking, JENNIE answered, “He looks like a comic book character. I don’t like comic books.”

JISOO revealed that she is a big fan of TVXQ. At her audition for YG, JISOO told the judges that her favorite singer was TVXQ, and YANG HYUN SUK had said, “She only cares about TVXQ.” She said that her favorite member is Max Changmin.

BLACKPINK on the variety show was pure and innocent, and they deserve to be called YG’s hidden gem.

Source: TVReport via YG-Life

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