[YG-LIFE] 170811 BLACKPINK Engaging in Large-Scale Collaboration Project with World-Famous Brand “Dior” in Japan

BLACKPINK has confirmed to carry out a large-scale collaboration project with world-famous brand “Dior”.

Dior’s new product “Rouge Dior Liquid” that was used by BLACKPINK for the team’s debut showcase in Japan is carrying out a special promotion at a special store at the Shinjuku branch of Isetan Department Store in Japan, until the 15 this month. BLACKPINK is carrying out a collaboration project with world’s leading brand even before their official debut in Japan. In that the project is hosted at a large-scale department store, BLACKPINK’s’ great influence in Japan is being proven.


At the event that began on the 9 this month, exclusive BLACKPINK film produced by fashion magazine “ELLE JAPON” is being played. The film will also be unveiled on August 21 on “ELLE ONLINE” and “ELLEgirl ONLINE”.

BLACKPINK is standing under a big spotlight in Japan, covering many famous magazines in the country including “NYLON JAPAN” and “Popteen”. Notably, the editors of women’s magazine “ELLE” extolled BLACKPINK by calling the team “a new icon of the new millennium generation, who has both cool and cute appeals at the same time”.

BLACKPINK successfully hosted their debut showcase at Budokan, “the Mecca of performing arts” in Japan, on July 20 this year. More than 200,000 applications for attendance at the showcase were received and all the 14,000 tickets were sold out.

BLACKPINK has recently set an unprecedented record in Korea’s music scene, making four of their music videosthose of “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last”—surpass 100 million views within one year of their debut. BLACKPINK will release an official debut album in Japan on August 30 and kick off their performances in the country in earnest.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

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