[YG-LIFE] 170812 JYP Praised BLACKPINK’s Stage on Party People

On Party People, BLACKPINK performed on stage under the themes of “black” and “pink”.


On the August 12th episode of SBS’s Party People, which will air at 12:30 AM, BLACKPINK and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa will appear as guests. BLACKPINK’s recently released single, “As If It’s Your Last”, has become a mega hit song, and Jung Yong-hwa just made a comeback with his second solo album “Do Disturb”.


BLACKPINK was kept completely under the veil when the group debuted, so much so that it was dubbed “YG’s jewel box”. Therefore, the news that BLACKPINK is to appear on JYP’s new music talk show Party People came as a surprise. The recording of the show took place earlier on, and BLACKPINK put on two performances that have different themes. The theme of BLACKPINK’s first performance was “girl crush” and “black”, and the theme of the other one was sweet and lovely “pink”. BLACKPINK pulled off both performances perfectly and received praises from JYP.


When they were asked which theme they prefer, BLACKPINK members chose “black” without any hesitation. Though their “black” performance, BLACKPINK was able to show their fierce and sexy side, which they couldn’t show during their promotions for their recently released single.


The costumes were different too. For their “black” performance, BLACKPINK members wore black cropped tops and short pants and showed powerful and intense dancing. Then they sang “As If It’s Your Last” and went back to the sweet charming girls with smiling eyes as if nothing happened.


BLACKPINK also told the behind stories of their hit songs. They talked about how their debut song “BOOMBAYAH” was created, and for the first time on TV, talked about an incident that may have changed the destiny of the song. It is said that even JYP was shocked to hear the story. You can check it out on SBS’s Party People, which airs at 12:15 AM on August 12.


Source: Donga via YG-Life

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