[YG-LIFE] 170928 BLACKPINK Performed As A Special Guest at Japan’s “VMAJ”, The Only Foreign Artist

Girl group BLACKPINK fascinated Japanese music fans by performing at Japanese MTV’s “VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN” as a guest performer.

On September 27, BLACKPINK gave special performances at MTV “VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN” hosted at STUDIO COAST at Shinkiba Studio, Japan.

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VMAJ is the Japanese version of American MTV’s “VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS”. It is an international music festival that has been hosted since 2002, where artists who presented quality music and videos are awarded.

Not only top Japanese singers but also world-famous musicians including Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga have performed at the festival. Leading K-pop artists including BIGBANG and 2NE1 have also performed at the festival.

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BLACKPINK was not a nominee for the awards of this year’s VMAJ festival, as the team made an official debut in Japan in August this year, but was invited to perform in it. BLACKPINK was the only foreign artist invited to the festival and made local people look forward to the team’s awards for the next year, by giving captivating live-performance of “BOOMBAYAH” and “As If It’s Your Last”.

BLACKPINK is enjoying remarkable popularity in Japan since the release of their debut mini-album “BLACKPINK” in August this year that took No.1 on the daily and weekly chart of Oricon and then on the chart of Tower Record.

Source: YG-Life

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