[MAGAZINE] 171117 Rosé on Ceci Korea December 2017 Issue (INTERVIEW + SCANS)

Q: How do you spend the holidays now that you are currently resting from promotions?

R: Last time we had a lot to do even when resting but recently since my mom is in Seoul. I’ve been spending time with her and we just do normal things. It’s been a while since I’ve had my mom’s cooking too. It’s yummy so I eat a lot so much that the my sister has to tell me to stop eating.

Q: Have you always been a bright and happy person? Your speech is really cute too.

R: I think it’s because I’m the youngest daughter and though my sister and I have a four year gap, we are like friends. When I was in Australia, I attended a Korean church and when someone new came in, even when no one told me to do so I would tell them, “If you need anything let me know.” I remember I was excited about it and I was in elementary school then.


Q: Since when did this active elementary student start dreaming of becoming a singer?

R: I originally wanted to major in art and I was even taking lessons for it. My greed for music started after I passed the YG audition and went to Korea. I always played guitar and sang as a hobby but I had no intention to make it my career. There is a whole world out here and I really really wanted to do it. There are a lot of people who work in music and there are so many people who are good at it so I was inspired by them. Before that I didn’t have confidence and couldn’t even dream of becoming a singer.

Q: When you get in a world you don’t expect to get into especially of you are far from your family, it’s easy to falter.

R: After I started dreaming of becoming a singer, I searched up videos of musicians and started studying. I wanted to start doing it properly. From then on, I gritted my teeth and decided to do well in everything. I never learned to dance and I never danced before. I don’t know what kind of confidence that was but I just worked hard without thinking. I was jealous of pretty Lisa who danced well. I thought that I should work really hard so I be like Lisa and dance well.

Q: So you’re the kind of person who gets motivated when you see others do well?

R: That’s right. I always surf on the web without stopping especially live videos of artists. I watch those a lot. When I watch them I always think I should do it like this too and get inspired and practice.

Q: You’re good at playing guitar too, right? When did you start playing?

R: It was probably on my second year in middle school. That time I was watching a YouTube video and it was a girl playing guitar in the beach. She was so pretty and charming and I wanted to be like that too so I saved my money and told my dad to buy me a guitar. When I started, it was so hard that I could not handle it. I sat in my room and said I would not get up until I could play well and practicing over and over. I still remember that. It was really a fight against myself.


Q: Your perseverance is really something else. Your voice is the type that once you hear it, you can’t forget it. After debut, when your songs came out and you saw people’s reaction, how did you feel?

R: Honestly, before debut, I didn’t know my voice is unique. I only thought I should work hard on singing. But after promoting with BLACKPINK, the words I heard the most were that my voice is unique. Even comments on articles are mostly about my voice. I’m really very thankful and it feels like I’ve received a present. Since I am the main vocal, there’s burden when it comes to singing and I am always nervous about it, but since our fans like my voice I am very thankful. I’m usually not the type to be easily satisfied with my performance or singing but hearing this kind of response comforted me.


Q: Other than being a main vocal, you are also in charge of the ‘floor dance’ in BLACKPINK. How did you come to do that twice? It does not look like it’s easy to practice.

R: At first when the dance was revealed for my part, I thought “Wow that dance is so unique. So that’s what I’ll be doing.” and that’s just how I accepted it but I was shocked when it happened for the second time. At first, while practicing, I would just do it and my hair would get caught on the floor and pulled off. So I would go with the beat and move my hair to the side and do it. One time something must’ve fallen on the floor and it stung so I stopped. At first, the members didn’t know so they accidentally sat on me and we all started laughing.


Q: I read from one of your interviews that Tori Kelly is your role model. Which musician are you into these days?

R: Tori Kelly has this technique that I was able to apply to myself during trainee days and it helped a lot. Recently, I enjoy listening to Sam Smith’s album. The emotions that come across through his songs and lyrics are should I say very human? I am listening to the songs but I feel like he was talking to me. Usually if someone tells you something truthfully it gets delivered like that, right? Sam Smith is so truthful with his singing that it feels like I’m being honest too. He knows how to express himself the way he is. He’s such a pro. Rather than copying someone else, expressing yourself with only what you have, I think, is really difficult.


Q: You really work hard. you are passionate. But there are days when you feel unsatisfied with your singing. When that happens what do you do?

R: Since I’m not perfect, when something goes wrong I get upset. One time I finished recording and monitoring in the studio and though they didn’t say anything, there was something about it that I did not like. I went home to reflect and think about it. When I got there I just laid in bed. I was really upset. When that happens, I cry to get it out. The next day, I went back and gritted my teeth to record and thankfully it was better than the day before. It was a moment that I become honest with myself. Rather than pretending like that’s not the case and letting it build up inside, I just let it all out and work hard.


Q: Even when talking about something that upsets your, you’re still smiling. Even if it’s the same song, if the language and emotional nuance changed too. Do you have a know-how for being able to bring songs to life in English, Korean, Japanese, etc.?

R: Since I started with English first, I think when I sing in Korean, it’s a harder to get the emotions. First, I practice and get myself used to the pronunciations. If I think that I should sing as if this is English, then my emotions get more involved. After memorizing the accents and pronunciations in Japanese, I sing and think of my emotions as if I’m singing in English.

Q: Among BLACKPINK’s songs, is there any lyric/s that touched your heart?

R: I really like our songs’ lyrics but if I had to pick, it’s the part in ‘Playing with Fire’ that goes “My attraction to you is stronger than my fears” (Jisoo’s part in the second verse). Rather than directly saying “I like you”, I think this expresses it better. It makes me think just how much does this person like you that they will do anything even if they are afraid. Really cool lyrics.


Q: I will remember these words for a long time. It’s something I haven’t heard before.

R: I really want to communicate with my fans. Knowing what they like and expressing it is really cool.

Q: If you host a year-end party with BLINKs and BLACKPINK, what will the concept be?

R: A cozy red brick house party as it we’re abroad with everyone gathered around the fireplace, eating good food. Like a traditional Christmas styled party.

171117 rose on cice korea

Q: What kind of music would you play in that party? I’m curious of Rosé’s party playlist.

R: I really like Christmas. Once it’s December, I start listening to carols. First, Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ and ‘Snow in California’. I definitely have to play these two songs. And the song ‘Christmas Song’, though there are a lot of versions by different artists, I would listen to the original by Nat King Cole. When I was younger, I saw twin sisters singing this on YouTube and I fell in love and started learning guitar. It’s a traditional Christmas song about the cold and snow. They were singing it in a hot beach with sunglasses. In Australia, it’s summer on Christmas. It was a totally different vibe from the song so it was charming.

(T/N: This is the vid Rosé is talking about. Idk if it’s the beach though but I think this is it. She listens to Jayesslee omg my childhood. See video below.)

Q: Lastly, how will you remember 2017?

R: This year I experienced a lot of new things and one step at a time, it was a year I matured in. I think it was a year where I was able to learn all the things I should at the age of 21. There were hardships, meaningful and fun things. Now that it’s passed, I’m proud. I realized a lot of things. There’s still a lot for me to improve on so I’m ready to learn anything. Please look forward to it.

Translations by @nineteasbaby
Scans by @_youimma

[PHOTOS] Photos by f9issue_official (Styling & Creative Direction Agency) in charge of Jisoo’s styling on InStyle Korea December 2017 Issue

Source: f9issue_official

[PHOTOS] This will be Rosé’s first solo pictorial. Look forward to her interview & video. Here are behind photos where Rosé is seen smiling passionately despite the cold weather.

[IG] Behind the Scenes Photos
Source: avam_official


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