171120 Jisoo on InStyle Korea December 2017 Issue

Dreaming of making a debut and training in YG for a long 5 years, member of BLACKPINK. A year after debut she has so much more time ahead than the time that has already passed. Her first solo photoshoot after debuting today is one in her days of firsts. “Having always done photoshoots with the members, doing it alone now is making me a little nervous. It’s a natural concept that I haven’t tried before so I’m curious what cuts will come out.”

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From singing to style, BLACKPINK has been a hot issue since debut. In this time where pretty and cute concepts are abundant, their style and performances are filled with individuality enough to create a sensation. “Since we’ve only been going back and forth from the practice room and broadcasting stations, I haven’t felt a huge difference. But when our music plays on the streets, fans cheer and sing along, living this singer’s life feels real.” She said in sparkling eyes.


What is an ordinary 23-year old Jisoo like…? “I spend most of my time with the members in our dorm. After our debut in Japan, there was a lot to do there but since we all like cute things, we went to a doll shop. We go to vintage shops often too. I think we like shopping more than good food.” She is excited while talking about shopping not much different from her peers.


“Since we finished promoting, we’ve had free time. If we start preparing for a comeback we will be busy again so I spend my free time doing things I haven’t done before.”


“To relieve stress, I read books. When I read books, I don’t have to think of anything else. When I focus and get into a book, all the complicated thoughts in my head become clearer.” Recently, she has been re-reading ‘Kafka on the Shore’. “Re-reading books make me think in a completely different view that I’ve never thought before. Learning things you didn’t know before, I think is the beauty of reading.”


Not every moment can be as tranquil as now but this girl who knows how to be thankful, her future is bright. Just like the sun that peered through the window that afternoon.


Translations by @nineteasbaby
Scans by @199702ll

[PHOTOS] Behind photos of Jisoo for InStyle Korea December 2017 Issue

[PHOTOS] Photos by f9issue_official (Styling & Creative Direction Agency) in charge of Jisoo’s styling on InStyle Korea December 2017 Issue

Source: f9issue_official

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