[YG-LIFE] 171120 Jisoo of BLACKPINK, “I’m Amazed and Grateful for My Changed Life Since Debut”

BLACKPINK’s JISOO had her first solo pictorial revealed since debut.

On the star & fashion magazine ‘Instyle’ December edition, released on the 20th, JISOO displayed an innocent girl-like atmosphere instead of the girl-crush charm she had shown to the public.


Unlike the pictures that display a warm sunny vibe, the photo shoot actually took place in the cold. Even in her thin clothes, JISOO didn’t lose her smile, making the staff clap and applaud.

As she revealed that she likes taking pictures as a hobby, she tried many different poses, showing affection for the pictorial shoot. She also showed an innocent side of her while she was fooling around with the staff, when the camera wasn’t there.


Through the interview, JISOO stated,” Since broadcasting stations and practice rooms are the only places I go to, I don’t really feel a big change. However, when I hear our music while walking down the street or our fans sing alongside with us cheering us up, I realize I’m living the life as a singer”. She continued, “I’m amazed by my changed life since debut and still feel grateful”.


BLACKPINK JISOO’s fashion pictorial will be available on the December edition of Instyle, their online channels, and social media.

See SCANS + INTERVIEW ENG TRANS of Jisoo on Instyle Korea December 2017 Issue HERE

Source: YG-Life


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