[YG-LIFE] 171122 BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ, “I Didn’t Know My Voice Was Unique… I Feel Gifted”

Girl-group BLACKPINK’s main vocalist ROSÉ meets fashion magazine CéCi.

At the shooting scene of the pictorial which had a concept of ‘Silly but Stylish Girl’s Surprise Night Out’, despite the cold weather due to abrupt temperature decline, ROSÉ led the bright mood of the scene and did her best to make good results.


On the interview followed by the pictorial shooting, ROSÉ discussed a lot about herself, including her daily life after the official project, active days of youth, her love for fans, and upcoming Christmas. On the comment that her voice can’t be forgotten once someone hears it, she stated, “I didn’t know my voice was unique until I made debut. I had pressure and was nervous about singing since I’m the main vocalist, but I feel grateful and gifted that the fans like it”.


Also, on the question that she looks especially kind to fans, she stated, “I also want to communicate with fans. It’s cool to know what you like and express that. I respect them because they know how to love someone and they have a warm heart”, showing her huge affection towards her fans.


ROSÉ first solo pictorial and a more detailed interview will be available on the December edition of CéCi and CéCi Digital (

See SCANS + INTERVIEW ENG TRANS of Rosé on Ceci Korea December 2017 Issue HERE

Source: YG-Life


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