[YG-LIFE] 171123 “No More Mysticism”, BLACKPINK Releases a New Teaser of ‘BLACKPINK TV’, Premiers on December

A teaser of BLACKPINK’s new reality show, ‘BLACKPINK TV’ was released.

On November 23 at 10AM, YG Entertainment revealed the ‘beagle-like’ moving process of BLACKPINK members and their unusual accommodation through YG’s official blog, building up interest.

171123 blackpink house_2

In the teaser clip created with the concept of dubbing apps which became recently popular, JISOO and JENNIE melted the fan’s hearts with their cute facial expressions and cunning acts. They were playing with each other while laying down in bed, and displayed unique casual fashion styles which portrays individualities of all 4 members.

In addition, JISOO, JENNIE, ‎ROSÉ, and LISA shouts, “Are you ready? Wait for us, fan club ‘BLINK’!” together, raising the anticipation of viewers.

171123 blackpinkofficial 1 blackpink house teaser_5

As a girl group from YG in 7 years should, BLACKPINK is currently getting attention from fans all over the world, while breaking and creating new records. BLACKPINK is the first-ever girl group to have 4 music videos (‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘WHISTLE’, ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, and ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’) with over 100 million view counts in a year since debut, and is the hot girl group that held the no.1 spot in the U.S. Billboard’s World Digital Song Chart and Itunes Album Charts in 18 different countries. That is precisely why people are more curious about their natural and humane aspects, outside of stage.

171123 blackpinkofficial 1 blackpink house teaser_2

BLACKPINK is expected to show their ‘unexpected charms’ to reach fans in a friendlier way through the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, rather than displaying their ‘girl-crush’ image they usually portray on stage.

171123 blackpinkofficial 1 blackpink house teaser_4

The ‘BLACKPINK House’ was created with the concept of giving a 100-day vacation for members of BLACKPINK, who kept on working without a rest since debut. As it was created with beautiful visuals and luxury formatting, it presents more to see than just simple fun and laughter.

Watch the teaser below.

Source: YG-Life

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