[YG-LIFE] 171203 BLACKPINK’s First Reality Show About to Unveil, Coming Soon

171204 blackpink.house 3

BLACKPINK’s first reality show, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ is about to unveil.

YG Entertainment released a teaser video of ROSÉ and LISA through their official blog on November 3, 4 PM.

171203 blackpink house teaser

On the teaser video created with the concept of a popular dubbing application, ROSÉ and LISA foreshadowed their move into the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ with their cute voice. LISA strongly stated, “And don’t state nonsense anymore bro” despite her cute appearance and voice, promising that BLACKPINK TV will be released very soon.

171204 blackpink.house 2

The teaser video also contained members of BLACKPINK moving into the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’. The members stated, ‘Pink roof’, ‘The house I dreamt about’, and ‘It’s amazing’, expressing their excitement over their new accommodation.

171204 blackpink.house 1

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ is the first reality show by BLACKPINK, where members of BLACKPINK gets to spend a 100-day vacation for the first time since their non-stop schedules after debut. The program will display visuals as pretty as the members, and will provide more than simple fun and laughter, as it was created with a extravagant format.

The show will be released on mid-December.

Watch the teaser below.

Source: YG-Life