[NEWS] 171219 “Sexy and Innocent”… BLACKPINK Jennie, Chanel’s 2018 Muse, A New Goddess is Born

BLACKPINK’s Jennie graces the cover of Bazaar’s January issue.

In the ‘Bazaar’ pictorial revealed on the 19th, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was selected as Chanel’s muse for 2018. She modelled Chanel’s 2018 S/S makeup collection better than any other.

171219 harpersbazaarkorea january 2018 issue jennie cap_5

During the shoot for the cover and pictorial, everytime she walked from the make-up room, her doll-like features were so lovely that even the staff couldn’t help but exclaim. From a pure and innocent feel, to provocative and sensual expressions, and even a fresh and lovable side, jennie matched her makeup and outfits, all the while transforming herself and displaying a variety of imagery.


About becoming the beauty model of a luxury brand (Chanel), Jennie says, “To be able to have something that I could only imagine before come true within just a year of debuting, it’s great but at the same time I’m bewildered. Looking back on the events til now, there’s a feeling that’s somewhat difficult to put to words. But my heart is fluttering so much and I’m looking forward to everything I will do in the future.”

171219 harpersbazaarkorea january 2018 issue jennie cap_1

Jennie, who is turning 22 (Korean age) next year, says that she usually like natural makeup accentuated by lips. “I’m the type of person whose makeup changes according to my mood. Just like my eye makeup today, I like the slightly upward slanting cat’s eye makeup, like a cat. As for lip color, a nude peach shade to convey innocence or al all-red color that’s fierce and clearly put on suits me well I think.”

Source: TV Report | Osen
Translation by @black2dpink824

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