[YG-LIFE] 171228 “Mannequin Like Visual”, BLACKPINK JENNIE, Reincarnation of a Doll

Girl group BLACKPINK JENNIE’s beautiful figure has been revealed.

On December 28, a behind-the-scenes cut from a pictorial was uploaded on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram, with the caption “I Miss You BLINK♥”.

The photo contained an image of JENNIE during her pictorial shoot.

JENNIE looked amazing even with a bold outfit on, covering the look with her unique style.

Her slim bodyline caught people’s attention at first sight. Her provocative posture and lovely facial expression were also perfect.

171228 blackpinkofficial 1 jennie bazaar_1

She displayed her variety of charms while showing her lovely bright smile.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK noticed that their comeback to the K-Pop scene will be January next year, and is expected to meet the fans through their first-ever reality program since debut, the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’.

Source: YG-Life


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