[YG-LIFE] 171229 BLACKPINK’s First Reality Program ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, Confirmed to Air Online on January 6

YG Entertainment noticed that BLACKPINK’s first exclusive reality program ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ will first premiere at 9 PM on January 6 through YouTube and Naver VLIVE, on their official social media account.

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ will air every Saturday at 9 PM starting with its first episode, and is consisted of 12 episodes.


It’s noticeable that unlike previous programs such as ‘BIGBANG TV’ and ‘2NE1 TV’ that aired through cable networks, the program will not use a broadcasting station platform. YG chose a different promotion strategy by selecting an online platform such as YouTube and VLIVE, which is more global-based.

Rather than using platforms in Korea with low viewing rates, they are letting global fans from all over the world conveniently watch the program live, as they are watching a music video. It’s the best solution on a online age that we live in.


In making the decision, YG considered the fact that BLACKPINK is very popular in the global market, although they made their debut just over a year ago. The music video for their debut single ‘BOOMBAYAH’ have 260 million views while ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’, their single released on June surpassed 200 million views.

It’s a strategy indicating a more active global promotion, and is possible since YG invested 100% of the production costs.

In other words, since the production costs for ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ are not supported by broadcasting stations, they chose a platform where more people can freely watch the show through various global channels.


While it is a great gift for the fans, it’s also a long term investment by YG.

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ was created with the concept where members of BLACKPINK, who worked non-stop without a break, gets to live in a lovely accommodation created near Hongdae, Seoul for 100 days.

Since artists from YG Entertainment don’t appear in variety programs often, they are called jewelry boxes by fans and there weren’t many opportunities to look into their private lives. Global fans are excited to get a chance to watch a reality program where YG’s only girl-group, BLACKPINK, who’s the most beautiful jewel among all, will be on screen displaying their private lives while living in their accommodation.


The short spoiler clip of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ uploaded by YANG HYUN SUK with the caption “I can do what I want’ already hit 1 million views on Instagram, as it proves the excitement of global fans.

Fans are eager to watch the program as the spoiler video of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ is displaying unexpected charms and cuteness of the members, instead of the ‘mysticism’ and ‘girl crush’ BLACKPINK was known for.

With the first episode coming up, BLACKPINK requested support for the program by stating, “Our daily lives will be fully revealed”, and continued, “We put in a lot of effort and joy while filming the program. Meet us at the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE!’.

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, which will first premiere at 9 PM on January 6 through YouTube and VLIVE, will air every Saturday at 9 PM over the course of 12 weeks.

Source: YG-Life

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