[IG/TRANS] 180101~05 blackpinkofficial Updates: Jisoo’s Birthday & BLACKPINK HOUSE Spoilers & More


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・・・ #BLACKPINK_REALITY #BLACKPINK_HOUSE #BP_HOUSE #ROSÉ #FirstBroadcast_2018_01_06_9PM #AiringFor12WeeksStartingFromTheFirstWeekOfJanuary #SPOILER_5 #YOUTUBE_VLIVE #YG

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BLINK!!! Today’s HappyBeulChuDay❤️🤘
I was really curious about the birthday greeting signboard so I went to the nearby Hongdae station but when I came to personally see it, I was overwhelmed
With so many of you celebrating together (with me), it seems I can have a very happy birthday
Thank you very very much🙏🏻
I feel very happy to start (the year) receiving so much (greetings of) congratulations and love from the beginning of 2018
For the remaining (days) of 2018, I will be the Jisoo who will work hard in order to be happy and give back the love I receive from BLINKs❤️
Thank you and love you very much everyone, nyeongan✨

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blackpinkofficial: #BLACKPINK #LISA #NINICAM #HAPPYNEWYEAR Hi Blinks~☺️ I miss you guys so so much!!!! Have a nice day everyone^^ 💕😆

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Translations by: Jaybee @YGDreamers


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