[YG-LIFE] 180103 YANG HYUN SUK Congratulates JISOO • DK For Their Birthdays & Mentions BLACKPINK’s Comeback

YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK congratulated BLACKPINK JISOO and iKON DK’s birthday. He also mentioned BLACKPINK’s comeback.

On January 3, YANG HYUN SUK posted two photos on his Instagram. He uploaded two birthday posters for JISOO and DK.

JISOO and DK were both born on January 3. That’s why YANG HYUN SUK posted the photos of two artists, who has the same birthday. He also added the happy birthday message on top of the photos, which was heart-warming.

He also mentioned BLACKPINK’s comeback. With the happy birthday message, he also stated, “Hurry up on BLACKPINK’s new song, pressured TEDDY for 4 hours today”, letting the fans know that TEDDY will be producing BLACKPINK’s upcoming single.

Meanwhile, YANG HYUN SUK is currently starring on JTBC’s ‘MIXNINE’ as a judge. It’s a program in which YANG HYUN SUK visits various entertainment agencies in Korea to find new potential stars, and airs every Sunday on 4:50 PM.

*Omitted parts not mentioning BLACKPINK.*

Source: YG-Life

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