[YG-LIFE] 180106 First Episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, You Just Became a Fan of BLACKPINK

Girl-group BLACKPINK displayed their charms relentlessly in their first reality program.

On The first episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ aired on January 6 through Naver V-LIVE, BLACKPINK’s JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA made their first appearances in a reality program.

180106 bphouse ep1_2

As soon as they saw a camera set up in the entrance, they were afraid to enter the house. But soon, the members adapted, and ROSÉ was even excited to see the camera later on.

In a interview before the filming began for the new reality program, JENNIE stated, “We don’t like to stay in our accommodation. We lived in a dorm for 5 years, so now we need our own personal time. So when we don’t have a schedule, we assuage our stress individually”.

YANG HYUN SUK came out with a solution. He stated, “Since you are BLACKPINK, I wanted to let all of you live in a princess-like house”, and presented them with BLACKPINK HOUSE.

BLACKPINK moved into the BLACKPINK HOUSE located in Hongdae, Seoul, and were admired by its looks. The rooms for members were kept in secret locations, which was why the members were even more pleased. When it was time to select rooms, they took turns based on the results from rock- paper-scissors.

180106 bphouse ep1_3

JISOO and ROSÉ became roommates while JENNIE and LISA turned out to share the same room. The two roommate couples went shopping for bedding.

The total cost exceeded 700,000 won, so the members displayed their charms to receive a discount. ROSE performed a dance while calling the staff ‘oppa’, and received a pouch as service.

The members them came back to the house, and prepared a gift for the neighbors. They decided to bake macarons instead of traditional rice cake, and successfully completed their mission..

BLACKPINK has begun their life in the BLACKPINK HOUSE. People are wondering what kind of charms they will display in their first reality program, while they are not on stage.

Source: YG-Life

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