[YG-LIFE] 180106 YG’s Variety Contents Contain Various Subjects + Diversified Platforms

Contents created by YG will continuously be released in 2018. YG Entertainment, who started content producing through the program ‘MIXNINE’, will be presenting new programs utilizing various platforms.


Firstly, BLACKPINK’s first reality program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ will unveil on January 6. ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, which was created with the concept of members spending a 100-day vacation in a new accommodation, is gathering attention by choosing to pre-release through online platforms first and broadcasting later. BLACKPINK HOUSE will be pre-released first through YouTube and Naver V-LIVE, and will later be broadcasted through JTBC2 and Olleh TV. A couple dramas chose this method before but it’s a rare case among variety contents. It’s known to be YG’s efforts to communicate with the public more effectively utilizing various platforms, as we are living in a new-media era.

YG’s new variety program, ‘Let’s Live Kindly’ will be released on January 19 through JTBC. ‘Let’s Live Kindly’ is Korea’s first judicial reality program created under cooperation from the Ministry of Justice, and is gathering attention with its fresh themes.

Kim Bosung, Park Gunhyung, Kim Jongmin, Don Spike, YOO BYUNG JAE, JINU, and Kwon Hyunbin will send out the message of ‘Let’s not commit any crimes’, by going through the real process of being arrested, going under trial, and being imprisoned.

Also, a reality sitcom, ‘YG Strategic Data Room’ (Abbreviated as YG SDR) directed by producer Park Junsoo who is known for his previous works such as Mnet’s ‘The God of Music’ series, ‘UV Syndrome’ series, and ‘Enemy of Broadcasting’ is getting prepared for broadcast. The program will dramatize real events happening inside YG Entertainment. While the show is expected to be starring JINU from JINUSEAN, BIGBANG SEUNGRI, CL, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, SECHSKIES, BLACKPINK YOO BYUNG JAE, and ONE, people are wondering which platform will be used to premiere the program.

Last year, YG revealed a reality program called ‘RUN, BIGBANG SCOUT!’, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of BIGBANG since debut through YouTube Red. Planned by BIGBANG and produced under cooperation between YG Entertainment and YouTube, ‘RUN, BIGBANG SCOUT!’ was YouTube Red’s first original content in Korea and was the first original content to be made in the world excluding the United States. It had a total of 7 episodes, and the view count of the free-released first episode approximates to 9.6 million views. The program was highly rated not only as a program starring all members of BIGBANG, but also for its attempt to break the existing traditional platform market.

As the power of contents are getting diffused from broadcasting stations and entertainment agencies start producing and distributing their own contents, YG, who recruited famous producers from terrestrial and cable networks is starting to reach out to the public in 2018. Producer Han Dongchul emphasized the importance of the diversification of platforms and the new-media contents through a previous interview with Sports Seoul. The broadcasting industry is paying keen attention on what kind of program YG will present utilizing what kind of platform, as YG buckled down in producing their own contents.

Source: YG-Life

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