[YG-LIFE] 180107 ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, Everything We Wanted to Know About BLACKPINK

The wishes by fans were granted. BLACKPINK’s first exclusive reality program came into life. As BLACKPINK’s previously unknown charms are added to the program, fans are already in love with the new show.

BLACKPINK’s first reality program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ had its first premiere on January 7 at JTBC2, following its pre-release on Naver V-LIVE. BLACKPINK revealed their private lives including their accommodation and daily lives.

BLACKPINK HOUSE is a program in which members of BLACKPINK, who worked restlessly since debut, get to spend a 100-day vacation in a newly built accommodation near Hongdae, Seoul. YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK stated, “The idea I’ve had is that since you’re BLACKPINK, I wanted to present you with a princess-like house” and gifted them with a new house. It’s really a historical support.

After seeing the new accommodation completed after months of construction, the members expressed excitement. They stated, “This is the house we’ve been dreaming about”, and sent hearts to YANG HYUN SUK.

After BLACKPINK moved into the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, the real fun began. The charismatic BLACKPINK we used to see on stage were long gone, and only cute girls and their charms took over the screen.

180107 bphouse ep1

When the prices for bedding were higher than expected, they fully displayed their charms to get a discount. JENNIE threw cute eye smiles while ROSÉ performed a dance while calling an employee ‘oppa’. Then the two members threw finger hearts, making even the viewers smile, just by looking at them.

Furthermore, they showed a warm side of them, baking macarons for the neighbors. JENNIE showed the ‘JENDON RAMSAY’ side of her by baking macaron with ease, surprising the viewers.

After the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ premiere, fans reacted very enthusiastically. The view counts surpassed 3.2 million views in 13 hours since its release on YouTube and Naver V-LIVE. The huge view count proved BLACKPINK’s popularity. ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ will display more unknown charms of BLACKPINK for the next 11 weeks. People are wondering what kind of charms JENNIE, JISOO, LISA, and ROSÉ will display in the program, and what kind of records they will be setting through the show as they numerously have before.

Source: YG-Life

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