[YG-LIFE] 180107 BLACKPINK Reveals Their Daily Lives in ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, “We Lived Together for 6 Years”

Group BLACKPINK revealed the unique daily lives of individual members.

On BLACKPINK’s first reality program ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ aired through JTBC2 on January 7 at 10 AM, BLACKPINK moved into the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ after they finished their schedules. They were hesitant to move-in when they saw a camera set up at the entrance.

In the accommodation, the members took rest their own way, by sleeping, singing, and gaming in their individual rooms.

180107 bphouse ep1_2

JENNIE stated, “We lived together for over 5 years now. We played together a lot when we were trainees, when we had a lot of time. Now we need our own space, so we spend our time individually”.

So YANG HYUN SUK prepared a new house for BLACKPINK. ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ was created with the concept in which members of BLACKPINK spend a 100-day vacation in a newly built accommodation near Hongdae, Seoul. BLACKPINK shouted in excitement to hear the news that they will be mo9ving into a new house.

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ will be serviced through an unconventional method, by pre-releasing online and broadcasted later. Starting with a pre-release through YouTube and V-LIVE every Saturday at 9 PM, the full version will be revealed every Sunday at 10 AM through JTBC2. The people who missed the original airing can watch the show through a re-run in Olleh TV, every Monday at 10 AM.

Source: YG-Life

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