[YG-LIFE] 180114 BLACKPINK Gifts 100 Sandwich Meals for the Fans at a Guerilla Fan Meeting in ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ showed BLACKPINK preparing gifts for the fans at a guerilla fan-meeting.

On the 2nd episode of Naver V-LIVE aired on January 13, members of BLACKPINK gave gifts for the fans prepared by themselves.

JISOO took a pictorial with a natural concept, while members enjoyed it while expressing their preferences on the concepts. ROSÉ looked nervous when she stated, “It’s my first time having a solo shoot”, but soon led the mood at the shooting scene with her bold postures.

180114 bphouse ep2_3

After the shooting, members showed a late-night meal ‘mukbang’ to the viewers. JENNIE went ‘peakaboo’ with her hands covered with chicken seasoning, displaying her cute charms. The next morning, members also made the viewers laugh by singing on helium gas.

Before the guerilla fan-meeting, JISOO and JENNIE made 100 sandwich meals for the fans. JENNIE showed her satisfaction through her facial and body expressions while stating, “I want to eat this right away”. ROSÉ and LISA decorated the house by arranging flowers while displaying their goofy charms.

Later, the members worried about the fans at the guerilla fan-meeting scene waiting for them at the cold. They warmed the viewers’ hearts by presenting warm gifts for the fans.

Meanwhile, the members also displayed affections for each other with a cheerful mood, while they gave manito presents to each other, back at the house.

Source: YG-Life

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