Jisoo on Allure Korea February 2018 Issue

<Allure Korea>’s cover model, BLACKPINK Jisoo, has set a special stage. With <Perfect Brush>’s Top 3 beauty creators, the cover photoshoot mission has commenced. A shining Jisoo as well as 3 beauty creators with 3 different makeups.

allure korea february jisoo_2

Q: It’s your first time being a solo cover model, right? We’re curious on what you feel.
JS: It’s a big burden to be <Allure Korea>’s face for a month. However, I feel the huge responsibility and wanted to work harder.

Q: The moment you heard about this project, which part do you think was interesting?
JS: I think it was so much fun. I usually browse through beauty channels. I was also able to try various concepts through the cover mission with the Top 3 (beauty creators) so it was a fun and good experience.

allure korea february jisoo_3

Q: Did you prepare anything special before the cover photoshoot?
JS: I always do skin care but as the shoot is drawing closer, the more I took care of it. Because it must be meticulously done, I have my own beauty routine. Even if I am tired, I wash it clean and put a (face) pack on. I even bought a new (face) pack for this cover shoot.(laughs) I also felt more responsible to be working with a few people this time.

Q: Do you have a favorite beauty channel?
JS: I watch a lot of videos of Risa Bae. I also looked up the Top 3 contestant’s videos and SNS after the concept meeting. I’ve been spying them.(laughs)

Q: How was the photoshoot with the Top 3’s various concepts?
JS: The (beauty) creators have already proven themselves to the public. The Top 3 (beauty creators) seemed to be worrying a lot but I think they will do well. I felt they prepared too much for this so I also focused and worked hard.

allure korea february jisoo_4

Q: If BLACKPINK Jisoo were to talk a little about each concept…?
JS: We usually have a lot of pink eye shadows on our stage makeup so it was nice to get a pink-colored makeup for the (Modern) Romantic concept. (Retro) Glam (concept) is of course also used a lot in stage makeup but I like that a different color was used this time. I also often put red lipstick on so I was also looking forward for (Power) Classic concept. Everything is a bit related to my own style so I was able to shoot comfortably.

Q: Among the (BLACKPINK) members, who is the most interested in makeup?
JS: All the us have a lot of interest. We even buy overseas. Since they came from foreign countries, I am also able to learn a lot of foreign products. I also like scanning through magazines and videos. We discuss a lot with each other but there are things that fit just for oneself so I use different products from the other members.

allure korea february jisoo_5

Q: Any beauty tip?
JS: After somehow putting too much makeup, I always manage to take care of my skin. That’s why I have a lot of interest in cleansing. First, I use the eye remover to take off the point makeup and wash it once with cleansing water. Then, I rinse with cleansing oil and cleansing foam. Applying the (face) pack is next after washing up and it takes a long time to get to this step. I think it takes almost an hour. The more I get tired, the faster I wash as soon as I arrive at our dorm. Actually, while the other members take photos with their pretty makeup on, I’m usually the first one to go and wash up. I want to quickly lie down.(laughs)

Q: What item is always in your beauty pouch?
JS: Lip balm. I’m obsessed with lip balm.(laughs) I like colored lip balm. I always carry a lip balm with me. It’s essential especially when the weather is cold.

allure korea february jisoo_6

Q: It’s a hurried shoot and you could only do one thing, what would it be? What makeup will you choose among eyeliner, cheeks, base and lips?
JS: I can’t give up anything! I always put base makeup and lipstick on when I go out so I can’t give up those two. From tint to lipstick, I buy red colored lip products as you can see.

Q: Through BLACKPINK, you have used and showed many kinds of makeup on stage. Depending on the song, the concept is different too. Do you have any memorable makeup?
JS: We did a lot of pink eye shadows when we debuted through ‘WHISTLE’. When I look at the photos, they look too ‘pink’. I think that was what I liked most. It was the first time I ever had pink eye shadows, the fans might be able to remember it. I liked it and felt like I was shining while wearing it. It was dark pink but the chief makeup artist said “I’ve put lipstick on a lot of people but it suits you the best. This color is just for you!”.(laughs)


Source: (1) | (2) | (3)
Translations by Jaybee at YGDreamers
Scans by @BPKL3


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