[YG-LIFE] 180127 ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ BLACKPINK, the ‘Girls in Hot Pants’ That Made the Koh Samui Beaches Shine

BLACKPINK continued their journey in Thailand, leaving for Koh Samui following their tour in Bangkok.

On the 4th episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ which will be released today, the 2nd story of BLACKPINK’s Thailand travelogue will take place.

180127 bphouse ep4

A surprise gift was waiting for BLACKPINK, who were enjoying their time in Bangkok. The group was rewarded with a ‘Luxury Travel Voucher in Koh Samui for 2 Nights and 3 Days’. BLACKPINK noticed another fabulous journey in ‘Koh Samui’, the place with Europe-like exotic charms.

After arriving in Koh Samui, BLACKPINK started deciding travel concepts of their choice, and began planning for their trip. They came up with many ideas including the ‘Nala-LISA’ tour, in which members sleep and dine, and the ‘Wanna Lay-Down WitCHU’ tour, which members take a rest and enjoy all day.

180127 bphouse ep4_2

As the first day schedule, the ‘Jendeuk’ tour organized by JENNIE was chosen, so the members went out to enjoy the beach. BLACKPINK presented their beach-fashion for the first time since the program airing, preparing themselves to enjoy the tour. The members displayed their unique individual charms with rash guards on with twin tail hair.

BLACKPINK then headed to enjoy maritime leisure by trying out jet-skiing. JENNIE showed off her ‘girl-crush’ charm by performing difficult tricks such as jumping and cornering on a fast speed.

BLACKPINK’s travelogue in ‘Koh Samui’ can be accessed through the 4th episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, which will be released today (27th) at 9 PM through YouTube and Naver V LIVE.

‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ pre-releases every Saturday at 9 PM through YouTube and Naver V LIVE, while the full-version airs every Sunday at 10 AM through JTBC2.

Source: YG-Life

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