[YG-LIFE] 180219 “Dreamy Goddesses”, BLACKPINK’s Captivating Visuals

The group Black Pink (exponent, Jenny, Rosé, Lisa) will show off the neat styling that matches the coming spring, and the cover of the March issue of “Marie Claire” will be splendidly decorated with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of [Marie Claire Korea] .


Inside the public cut, they sit side by side and show a trendy spring styling with a dreamy atmosphere. In the following individual cuts, the member index is wearing a chiffon top with a pink ruffle decoration. The girl is staring at the camera and gazes at the camera. The member Jenny wears an orange knit sleeveless dress and necklace of Chanel.

In the interviews they conducted, they conducted an interview with each other in a friendly reaction. The 25th anniversary of the launch of the Korea Korea As a woman representing teenagers and twenties, they are the main protagonists of the cover. They are beautiful because they consider their own way of seeing themselves, and the fans are best suited to themselves He added that he hoped to find happiness and to build up the inner and outer sides in a healthy way.

More pictures and images of Black Pink, more beautiful to love oneself, can be found on the website of Mariko Clair, the March issue of the 25th anniversary edition of Marie Claire.

More Photos HERE
Source: YG-Life

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