[YG-LIFE] 180220 BLACKPINK’s JISOO X ROSÉ Displays Goddess-Like Beauty, “Sexy, Lively, and Innocent”

JISOO and ROSÉ, members of BLACKPINK, the group who are known as fashionistas, decorated the cover of a fashion magazine.

180220 ceci korea jisoo rose_1

BLACKPINK’s JISOO and ROSÉ did a pictorial shoot with fashion magazine Ceci. They revealed their previously unknown charms by displaying new looks. JISOO and ROSÉ perfectly managed coral, red, and berry colored lip makeup in the pictorial, that suggested a makeup trend that would nicely fit in with the upcoming spring. According to related officials, the members understood the concept of the pictorial perfectly, and changed the mood of the pictorial based on their makeup.

180220 ceci korea jisoo rose_2

On the interview that followed, the members revealed the fact that they always carry a lip balm, lipstick, lip tint, and a cushion in their pouch. They also revealed their preferred makeup styles and beauty know-hows. ROSÉ stated, “I really liked the makeup I had when we were promoting ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’. It was called ‘grapefruit makeup’ since coral was used as a base color. I think the color fits my character too”, revealing her love for the coral color. JISOO explained that she likes makeup that emphasizes her lips by stating, “I go for the red lip very often since I like to express my lips with a red color”.

JISOO and ROSÉ’s full pictorial and interview can be accessed through the March edition of Ceci and Ceci digital.

More Photo HERE
Source: YG-Life

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