[MAGAZINE] 180220 BLACKPINK on Marie Claire Korea March 2018 Issue (INTERVIEW + OFFICIAL PHOTOS)

Star Blooming Scene

Fresh and Pure. BLACKPINK’s Spring Day.


Q: It’s been past 1 year and a half since you debuted. If you add the 5 years as trainees, you have spent a lot of time together. Shall we start comfortably by praising each other on how good you guys stayed together until now?

JS: Jennie’s always…Can we answer that when each of us aren’t here? (laughs) Jennie always makes a colour that is BLACKPINK’s only, and she always thinks about it and acts for that colour to be 100% shown.

JN: Ah, thank you. Rosé hasn’t lost her original intention since her trainee days and she’s always doing her best. With that attitude, she gives good motivation to the team.

RS: With Lisa as our maknae, also as a friend, she’s a person who always gives happy vibes. She knows how to comfort others, and she’s a kid that gives strength.

LS: [I’m embarrassed so] I can’t listen to this.

JS: I’m sorry. We rarely do this. I think I can sum it up. Lisa is a human vitamin!

LS: Jisoo unnie has a leadership that can only come from the oldest unnie. She would say, ‘Guys, let’s do this, do this’ and she gives strength to each person.


Q: has only 5 episodes but already has over 40 million views. It’s your first ever reality program but you don’t look awkward at all.

RS: We started to forget there’s a camera and just lived our life. As we look at the program, we then think, ‘Ah, we were shooting then as well.’

Q: While you were monitoring it, was there any scenes that made you feel embarrassed?

JS: Wouldn’t that happen later? I feel like I won’t be able to watch it next year.

JN: What, next year? It’s probably when the show is over, [you’ll feel embarrassed.]

JS: True, true.

Q: The four of you looked like sisters as you were very close to each other.

JN: Our trainee period was long too, but a team like us who trained for so long, is quite unusual. We’ve lived with each other for almost 7 years now, so for us, our dorms are like our house, and our members are like our family.

JS: Even though we’re close as family we still have boundaries to keep so that’s why I think we can live well together.

JN: We all know about things that relate about life well. Now, we know each other fairly well. Even though we don’t say it out loud, if we can see someone who’s feeling down, we don’t try to disturb them if they want some time alone. I think now we can match that well together.


Q: Even though you guys are all busy and mixed together, is there a particular trait that you want to keep as your own image?

LS: As the members said, I want to keep having a human vitamin image. Happily…

RS:  I want to keep having that image of being easily moved, easily addicted, easily being excited. Even though I do have complex about that sometimes, that’s still part of who I am.

JN: Since I was young, I learned a lot of things. Obviously, since I debuted, I only concentrated on this so I didn’t get to try other things. Even though it’s a little thing, I still want to learn it and do it myself. I don’t want to lose the adventurous spirit and only live in that spirit. Learning whatever it is.

BLACKPINK: Wow! (Claps)

JN: Why are you clapping? (Laughs)

JS: I have a lot of thoughts so I like reading and writing… It’s important to read and write so if I don’t get to do it properly it’s very distracting. I think it’s important to keep having that habit.

Q: Are you guys having fun currently?

JN: The four of us have a lot of greed, and huge dreams. Some people may say that it’s good to enjoy and be satisfied of how much we’ve come but we think there’s a lot of things we need to do in the future. We are the type of people who have the attitude, ‘Let’s try this next time’ rather than enjoying it, so I think we live while being nervous.

Q: In everything, it’s not easy to be nervous and muster up your courage.

JS: You can feel futile after you achieved your dreams. Like feeling: ‘Oh? What do I do now?’ But for us we think ahead, like: ‘We’ll do this, and after that, we’ll do this.’ Fortunately, everyone has the same mindset so I think we can all give each other strength and continue.

JN: That’s right. We always urge each other to do more.


Q: What’s your driving force to move as one?

JN: We’re not bragging but we trust each other’s specific potential that we can each see. I know when I see the members that they can do better, that they win so much more. Everyone who sees this faith, they have that feeling to do more, right? So I think that’s how we come together as one.

Q: It’s either that reason or you’re getting exceptional results. ‘Playing With Fire’, ‘Whistle’, ‘Boombayah,’ all have over 100 million views on YouTube. ‘As If It’s Your Last’ has over 200 million views and you’re setting new records. Are these results making you feel you more pressured or give a driving force?

JS: Instead of feeling pressured, it’s a driving force we use to prepare the next album with a joyful heart.

RS: Numerical values or awards are not really important to us. We’re receiving love because we’re working hard. We are all happy and think of it as presents just by trying hard.


Q: You don’t seem to have the tendency to be pressed down with pressure.

JS: Yes, so the 4 of us think that’s fortunate. I think because of that we can dream even more. Yes, it’s important to receive big awards, and set new records but what’s more is, ‘If we do this, how would the people react?’ That’s what we’re more curious about. Rather than thinking, ‘If we do this, will something amazing happen?’ We think more to the point of: ‘How will the public see us?’


Q: As the cover models for Korea’s 25th Anniversary, what do you all think about beauty representing the teenagers or the girls in their twenties?

JS: I believe that beauty is something everyone thinks themselves, and only then can it be decided for themselves. Like if you see one part of yourself that you don’t like, you would only see that one part. Other people are also important but isn’t it more important to look on how you look at yourself?

RS: I think when people do things that they like and have a particular expression or an attitude, that freedom and happiness is what makes people beautiful.

JN: I agree with you two. If I add one more, I want people to be full of love. Even though you may have someone you don’t like, but in your heart, you still have love inside. If you can do that, I think you could be beautiful and a cool person.

RS: I feel like I’m learning a lot of new things today..

LS: I think the unnies said everything. I went to a wedding yesterday and when you see someone who’s truly happy then I feel like you get that happiness from them and become happy (as well). And… I don’t know anymore. I’ll stop now.

Q: You’re talking about Taeyang’s wedding right?

JS: Lisa was touched that she was about to cry.


Q: It’s the generation where it’s important to do things that’s ‘you.’ When someone says, ‘That’s BLACKPINK-like’, what do you want it to be mean?

JN: Cool and new? Also charismatic, pretty, cute, sexy, it would be good if we can have all these image. It might sound greedy but I hope all of these words are suggested when someone says, ‘That’s BLACKPINK-like.’

JS: I think Jennie’s words are exactly right. We always think about what type of new image we will show in a new album or what type of point to make. If you think what BLACKPINK are doing is something new and something you’ve never seen before, then we’re going on the right direction that we aimed for.


Q: Is your next album preparing well? Could you give us any hints?

JN: We are constantly working on songs. I can’t yet say if our next album is going to be a full album or a mini album or how many songs it will contain but I want to say we’re working on different genres of songs. We don’t know how many of these songs will be revealed either. But the thing that’s for sure is that it will be a whole different image to ‘As If It’s Your Last.’


Q: Finally, you’re also a girl group who has a lot of girl fans. Do you want to say anything to your fans near your age?

JN: In English, they say, ‘Love Yourself.’ BLACKPINK and the fans are still at the time of making our identity. I think it’s important to not get much influence from other people, but only find the things that makes you feel happy and suit you, which will make you be healthy on the inside and the outside.

BLACKPINK: Wow! (Claps)

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